Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dr. Dre: His Money & Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs)

I know I'm late to the game with this one. I learned about this story months ago, but I wasn't going to comment on it... 

For those of you who don't know, Dr. Dre gave $35 million dollars to the University of Southern California (a predominately white university). This caused a backlash from members of the black community (most notably Dillard University's president), who quite frankly, regarded Dr. Dre's donation to a WHITE university, as the act of a sellout nigga (I'll come back to this argument later). 

After reading this article I feel compelled to say something about the situation.

If you've been paying attention, you should know that I LOVE historically black colleges and universities. I am a proud graduate of Spelman College and I fancy sending my children to HBCUs one day. Historically black colleges and universities have a special place in my heart. I have already decided that the bulk of my money will be bequeathed to Spelman College for the educational advancement of young black women. 

I do believe African Americans have an obligation to honor and uphold Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Why? Because for decades these institutions were the ONLY place we could get an education. These institutions have produced more black professionals than ANY predominately white university. If not for HBCUs, and the alum from these schools, we wouldn't have had a Civil Rights Movement. 

I don't give a damn what any black person from a predominately white university has to say. I am convinced that Historically Black Colleges and Universities create a better and more full-filling environment for African American scholars. The things I learned about myself, my history and the ways of the world while a student at Spelman College cannot be duplicated at a predominately white university.

Predominately white universities succeed in giving a number of black students a good education. Historically black colleges and universities succeed in giving black students a good education and a good sense of self in a world that is hostile to everything they represent (i.e., young, black and gifted). In my opinion, there is no doubt which institutions better serve its black students. 

When I first heard about Dr. Dre's donation to the University of Southern California I honestly didn't give it much thought. I thought to myself, "Good for him. It's his money...he can do what he wants with it." However, once I read the argument put forth by Dillard University's president my opinion quickly changed.

I'm not a Dr. Dre fan (hence why I didn't give this news a second thought). The man is guilty of selling the black community down the drain with this type of verbal crack...

In my mind, he is garbage and no amount of money will change that. You can't buy class.

Dr. Dre has made hundreds of millions of dollars by portraying the most damning stereotypes of black men and capitalizing on the disillusionment of young black men in America's inner cities. Young black men made him a multi-millionaire before white boys began buying his music. Yet, when he thought to give back he didn't give young black men a second thought! Let that statement sink in...

The most disillusioned, most economically challenged, most ostrasized group of men in America supported Dr. Dre's career when he didn't have shit. They bought his music like crack. They bought his concert tickets and supported other artist who he introduced to the world. Yet, when he decided to give back he thought of a wealthy white university! 

I can't argue with the "sellout sambo" comments because truthfully I agree with them.

Out of all the places Dr. Dre could have put his money he chose a wealthy white university that has no use for black people unless you can catch and throw a ball or you're extremely gifted academically (and even then you can look forward to being treated differently while on campus).

Does Dr. Dre know that his generous donation will go towards the education of people, who wouldn't be caught dead giving $35 million dollars to Howard University, North Carolina A & T, Spelman College or Morehouse College? Does he even care?

Even if he didn't think enough of HBCUs to donate the money to those schools, he could have given back to the very people who made him who the hell he is today! He could have set up some type of job training program in Compton, California to help young black men prepare for the real world. He could have given hundreds of scholarships to help these young men learn a trade or something that will lead to business creation in the community. He could have given money to after school programs for black children in Compton. 

I have long said any hope for the black community will come through black women. I truly believe that if the black community is to be saved from the looming hell of violence, degradation, etc promoted in Dr. Dre's music, it will happen through black women. Black men, whether rich or poor, are pretty damn worthless when it comes to things like "community building" or "helping other black people." They are too far gone mentally. 

Anytime you have a black man, who grew up in poverty amongst other black poor people (who in turn made him rich), give millions of dollars to a predominately white university, who for decades wouldn't even let black folks in the door unless they were there to sweep the floor, act as a token to silence cries of racial discrimination, or make the university millions of dollars catching a ball, something is WRONG. I bet you the president of USC had a good laugh at the dumbass known as Dr. Dre.

People sit around criticizing Oprah for building schools in Africa. Well, at least Oprah had the good sense to build schools for OTHER black people than give her resources to people who 1). Don't need it and 2). Wouldn't give a shit about her if she wasn't rich and famous (and even then, they don't seem to respect her).

This is why I have vowed to give whatever I can to the education of black women. I believe by giving towards the education of black women my investment will be returned through the offspring these educated black women produce. Educated black women are the LAST hope for the black community. I know some of you might be asking, well what about educated black men? I suggest you read the comments from educated black men under this article. They speak volumes. Most of them don't see a damn thing wrong with Dr. Dre's donation to USC. 

Don't write me off as a militant black woman (I am not). 

Just think about this: When have you ever seen a white millionaire give $35 million dollars to a black college or university? Keep in mind, the donation Dr. Dre made to USC is the second largest donation ever given by an African American to a college or university (the largest being the $20 million + inflation= $39 million in today's dollars, that Bill Cosby gave to Spelman College in the 1980s).
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