Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stop Miley Miley Stop!!!

Just when I thought White Americans couldn't get any lower Miley Cyrus and her flat ass booty proves me wrong...

Like many of you, I tuned in to the black culture reappropriation awards also known as the 2013 MTV Music Awards. For three straight hours I watched as White Americans reappropriated black culture and gave themselves awards for doing so! Mind you, this happened while they completely disregarded African Americans on the award show with the exception of a few tokens. If you don't know how I feel about White Americans and their thieving ways click this link.

No doubt the highlight of White America's efforts to reappropriate black culture came in the form of Miley Cyrus, who is guilty of giving the worse performance in the award show's history. If you haven't seen the bullshit please browse the internet. This chick's performance had me looking like...

What the hell is this???

Miley Cyrus (and several others) is clearly going through an identity crisis. I don't know when it became fashionable for rich, spoiled, white people to reapproriate the most ratchet aspects of black culture. There is nothing flattering about them doing it because it comes across as patronizing (probably because they, White Americans, criticize black culture before stealing it) and it almost feels like they are making a mockery of ratchet culture (as funny as that sounds).

Maybe I'm getting old, but when the hell did flat ass white girls start TRYING to twerk? Who the hell told Miley Cyrus she could get away with doing it...without the ass???

Notice the difference between Miley and the black women. The black women in the gif have ass and thighs. They are jiggling in all the right places. Miley Cyrus just looks out of place and lost. You cannot shake what you don't have.

One good thing has come from this sorry ass performance: comedy.

Look at some of these pictures I found on the internet. People are going in on Miley Cyrus and her performance/non-existent ass...

LOL...she does kinda look like him!!!

LMAO...tell me this raw chicken ass doesn't look like Miley's ass!!!

Anyway, Billy Ray needs to come get his daughter! This shit is ridiculous.
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