Friday, August 16, 2013

My Favorite Song & Yellow Bone

Yellow Bone just left my apartment. 

My poor baby is stressed out over changes happening at her job. When she came over today she looked upset and disheveled. I was drafting my business plan for my t-shirt venture and blasting my MP3 player when she came over.

After seeing how upset she was I flipped to my favorite song, You Are Everything by The Stylistics...

and I pulled Yellow Bone into my arms. 

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I slid my arms around her waist. She began to weep on my shoulder as we moved slowly to the sound of the music. 

Me (softly): It's okay baby...everything is going to be alright. 

The song repeated itself. I continued to hold her close, which is what she needed.

It was a soft and sweet moment for us.

Today, You Are Everything officially became our song.

I'm Getting The Hell Out Of The Rat Race!

I'm getting out of the rat any means necessary!

Now that I have some money in the bank I'm dedicated to creating a business. Business ownership is the ONLY way anyone in this world is going to make it out of the day-to-day grind of punching a clock for someone else (also known as the rat race). This has become MORE evident to me after working at the bank. 

Since starting my position at the bank I've noticed one thing: Most people who have money in the bank are business owners and medical professionals! Most of those people are white. Most of those people are male. Most of those people own small businesses and their accounts have a balance between 10k-150k. Very few black men and black women who I encounter have business accounts. Those who do have business accounts have a balance less than 5k. This shit makes me sick! 

I'm determined to build a successful business that I enjoy. 

Recently, my friend suggested I jump into the t-shirt business. At first I was like, "Naw...I don't know about that one." However, now that I've done my research I think the t-shirt business would be perfect for me. Why? Let me count the ways...
  1. It doesn't take much money to get into the business.
  2. I can manage the business completely on my own (accounting, production etc). I might have to hire a graphic designer, but everything else is on me.
  3. I can run the business in my apartment. 
  4. I'm a writer. I can easily come up with slogans for my t-shirts.
  5. I have great style. 
  6. I can talk black people here in Atlanta (and those back home) into giving me their business (I'm talking about churches, schools, sports teams etc).
  7. There is a whole community of people (black lesbians) who have been ignored by the t-shirt market.
  8. This list could go on and on.
When do I plan to start this business? Hopefully next month. I'm still getting my paperwork together.

I'm pretty sure this business will be a hit. All I have to do is put my personality on t-shirts. Some of you think I'm funny. Well, hopefully that will result in sales from my t-shirts. 

My very first t-shirt will be geared toward lesbians. I think you will like it because it reeks of my personality and humor! 

In the coming weeks I will post more information about my business. So, stay tuned.
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