Thursday, July 25, 2013

Out Here Winning!!!!

My writing career is looking pretty damn good right about now. 

To my surprise Divas is still selling and my pockets are getting fatter. Divas has done so well that I've decided to publish the sequel I wrote and disregarded eight years ago! 

This whole experience has been eye-opening. 

Fluff sells! Not only does it sell, but it sells like crack! 

(*Side Note: My definition of "fluff" is mindless literature that feeds readers' thirst for drama and entertainment. Think of it as a quick orgasm!) 

Divas has put six figures into my bank account. 

Souls of Men (my more thought-provoking/better written e-book series) has only sold a few hundred copies. 

In my opinion, Souls of Men is a better written story with more complex characters. Unfortunately, I think Souls of Men is only appealing to educated black folks. It takes a certainly level of education to grasp the plot, sub-plots and complexities of the characters in Souls of Men. It is NOT an easy read. 

On flip side, Divas is a quick, drama filled thriller. It is a page turner. I'm not surprised it sold better than Souls of Men (though I would be lying if I said I'm not disappointed). 

I'm tempted to republish Souls of Men under the same pen name as Divas just to see if the people who loved Divas would also love Souls of Men. It would be interesting to find out if their love for the "first time author" of Divas would transfer over to Souls of Men (a book that is the polar opposite of Divas). 

Anyway, I'm no dummy. I'm going to milk this cow dry. So, the sequel to Divas is next. I'll probably write a third book as well.

Not bad for a chick, who 4-5 years ago didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out! 

I'm out here winning!
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