Monday, July 22, 2013

Black Lesbians Who Don't Believe In Same Sex Marriage

This will be short and to the point...

I have met quite a few black lesbians who don't believe in same sex marriage. These women, for whatever reason, don't want to be married. They don't see any value in marriage. While I'm not certain, I don't believe they value marriage at all.

I have met some black lesbians who don't believe in same sex marriage because they believe marriage is between a man and a woman. These women feel some kind of way about their sexual orientation, and out of guilt they vow never to marry a member of the same sex. They likely grew up in religious households and find it hard to let go of the religious ideologies they were taught. 

What I find odd about these women is they don't think twice about having children out of wedlock (most by sexual intercourse with men), yet the thought of marrying a woman puts them off. If black folks treated their sexual/reproductive organs the way they treat marriage (i.e., with caution and aversion) the black community would be in better shape! 

Think about that...

Where the hell is the bible when all these out of wedlock children are born into the world and neglected? Where are those religious ideologies, when these chicks are busting it wide open for Pookie and 'em...only to claim lesbianism later on when their lives are fucked up?

A woman who doesn't believe in marriage cannot do anything for me. 

I won't even consider dating or wasting my time getting to know her. 

I do believe in marriage. I want to get married. I refuse to have children without first being married. I want to be there everyday of my children's lives. I want to be in the household with my children.

I just don't understand why black women (and black men) are so hellbent against marriage. Marriage is not a cure for all the shit wrong with the black community, but one thing is true: When black people married, and had nuclear families, the black community as a whole was in better shape. 

Marriage is in my future. Any woman who can't get with that program can keep it moving.
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