Friday, July 12, 2013

Register, Sign In & Start Posting!!!

Mahogany Mystique is finally configured in a way that makes me happy. I created some sub-forums, changed the background color, added some forum permissions (ex. You have to register/sign-in to view certain features like blogs and certain threads), and I added some Rss feeds (ex. my blog, Diary of A Black Lesbian, automatically posts in the True Life/Non-fiction thread).

I'm proud of myself! 

I installed Vbulletin on my domain name completely on my own (something I have never done before...prior to this venture I didn't have any experience with vbulletin, domain names or putting together a website from scratch). 

I learned how to work the software completely on my own. I learned how to create forums, modify colors, add features, moderate users, create user groups and add Rss feeds completely on my own. Everything you see on Mahogany Mystique was done by me! 

This just goes to show, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! Fuck a web can do anything you put your mind to, if you're motivated enough!

I would like to add a "like" button on posts, but the company offering that software is having some trouble right now. So, that feature will have to wait. 

Now that Mahogany Mystique is up and running you, the readers of this blog, can start using it and sharing it with your friends. 

Users are the most important competent to any forum. The threads you create will show up in search engines and hopefully social networks. That helps spread the word about the forum. It helps connects other lesbians of color, who are interested in a site like Mahogany Mystique, find the site. It helps grow the community. 

Mahogany Mystique is a new site with very limited content. So, it is not showing up in search engines yet. That can change if more of you sign up for the forum and start posting on the forum.

Registering for Mahogany Mystique is easy...

All you have to do is click "Register" at the top of the forum. Next, you complete the form that comes up, which ask for your username and email address. A verification email is sent to your email. You need to click on the link included in that email. At that point, I have to verify you as a registered user. Once I do my part, you become a member of the forum! You can start posting threads, comments and blogs immediately

You can also register for an account by using your Facebook account. It is an easy two step process. If you're interested in registering with your Facebook account click on the Facebook Connect button at the top of the forum. From there, you will be taken to the next step. Next, I will verify you as a registered user. Once that happens you can begin using the forum.

Some of you have already registered. I think the forum has about 12 members (total includes Facebook registered users, who signed up before I required approval by me before joining). Those of you who have registered for the forum can start posting right now. Start with the Introductions forum, which I created to allow members to introduce themselves to each other.

Registered users can modify their profiles, add events to the forum's calendar, create groups, create blogs, etc.

If you're a registered user, and you would like your personal blog (not those created on Mahogany Mystique) to automatically post on the True Life Non-Fiction forum, send me an email. 

If you are having any technical difficulties email me or post them in the thread labeled Concerns and Feedback.

I'm off today, so any request I get to join the forum will be approved immediately. 

Starting registering and posting!
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