Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Turned 28 & Almost Found Myself In Jail!

Well, your favorite blogger is another year older, and to celebrate I kicked off my birthday by serving up a can of whoop ass! Let me explain...

Most of you know I've been waiting for the web designer I hired to finish my website, Mahogany Mystique. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. I paid this chick a sizable deposit to create my site. It was supposed to be done by now, but this heifer claims she was sick and unable to work. I believed this excuse up until a week ago when it became apparent that this woman was avoiding me (for whatever reason).

Well, after weeks of waiting, I decided to drop by her office to see what the hell was up. I feared that I had been scammed (though this woman owns a registered business). I took my homeboy with me because we were on our way to the strip club to celebrate my birthday.

When I got to this chick's office I saw an able-bodied woman laughing it up with someone on the phone. When she saw me walk through the door the smile immediately faded from her face. She must have sensed what was coming because she hung up the phone and immediately stood up.

Me: I thought you were sick?

Her: I was...and I still am.

Me (angry as hell): Let me see if this ass-whopping will make you feel better!

I jumped on the bitch, which surprised everyone in the room...including myself!

I had my hands around her neck and I was squeezing as hard as I could. I was so angry that my lips were trembling. I don't honestly know what came over me. I'm not the type of person to confront someone with physical violence, but this woman can't ever say she didn't have it coming. I'm convinced she would have walked off with my money if I didn't have the courage to confront her.

Me (through clenched teeth): Give me my fucking money back bitch!

My friend must have been shocked because he didn't immediately move to pull me off the woman. She struggled to fight back, but I was too strong for her. The more she struggled, the harder I squeezed. Finally, my friend snapped out of it, and wrestled me off the woman, who immediately reached for the telephone to phone the police.

Twenty minutes later APD showed up. By the time they got there my friend had convinced the woman to return my money and not press charges for the can of whoop ass I let loose on her. She agreed to pay up (she wrote me a check) and she told the police that the matter was handled peacefully, despite the bright red ring around her neck. At that point my friend and I left.

I don't regret whopping this bitch's ass. I just regret it took me so long to do so! I'm going to report this scamming crook to the Better business Bureau as soon as things cool down.

Now I've hit another road block with Mahogany Mystique.

I'm not giving up on my project. I already have hosting for the project. I was just waiting for this woman to finish the website. I'm not going to let this deter me. I'm moving forward. In the meantime, because I already have the domain name and hosting, I was thinking about putting a forum on the domain. So, Mahogany Mystique's forum will come before Mahogany Mystique the actual website with content.

The forum will be free and open to lesbians of color (though all lesbians can join). I will be creating the forum myself. You will have the ability to blog, create a profile and post topics on the forum. Forum sections will be as follows:
  1. Conversations between lesbians of color (a section devoted to thought-provoking topics).
  2. News, Media & Entertainment (a section for all things in the media).
  3. Love & Relationships (a section devoted to love, relationships, sex, family, marriage and general advice about all of the above etc).
  4. Rants & Confessions (a section devoted to random rants and confessions about life).
  5. Single and & Looking (a section devoted to people who are interested in meeting lesbians in their area). This section will have subsections like Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York etc.
If you have any suggestions about the forum drop them in my inbox:

To make the forum interesting, and stand out from the crowd, I have created some custom smilies (see captions under the each smilie to understand their meaning)...

A Mess!

Oh Hell Naw!

Pookie & Ray Ray

Right On!

Somebody Don't Told You Wrong

Stacked With A Phat Ass

Sweet Jesus...Lord have mercy!




Child Please!
Girl Stop!

Old School Fine As Hell!

Ready To Fight

 You can also suggest your own smilies for the forum.

I won't create this forum without adequate support from lesbians of color. Hit the poll below: Will you participate in the forum?

Depending on the results, I will build the forum next week.

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