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That Messy Shit I've Talked About: Bisexuals Seeking Studs To Raise/Support Their Kids...

Today I received an email from one of the readers of my blog. In this email, this woman referred me to a craigslist ad written by a knocked up bisexual who is seeking a stud to help raise/support the child she conceived with a man (who she doesn't even want to be apart of the child's life)....

Pretty FEM seeking STUD for my SPECIAL situation (age 35)
Looking for a good friend for my SPECIAL situation.... (WARNING: you may find this a bit extreme.)

After ending a 5 year relationship with a stud I really loved my broken heart led me astray and I tried to ridiculously erase her memory by having a relationship with a guy who I went to school with 20 years ago. I definitely wasn't looking for a guy. He was just lucky to find me hurt and embarrassingly vulnerable. After just a short time I quickly realized I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO MEN AT ALL!!! I left him and will never ever look back (grossed me out). I still can't believe I even considered that as an option for 2 seconds. What the hell was I thinking I'm still not sure?

Yet my vulnerability had already gotten me in over my head and 3 weeks later at 35 with 2 daughters 15 and 9, I found out the unbelievable news that I was pregnant (OMG!!!). I absolutely have no intentions of letting him know as I absolutely do not want nor need a BABY DADDY. Why? I DON'T LIKE MEN! Plus I am a professional who is very independent with nice home on 8 acres n nice car and been happily raising my two girls alone for 9 years with no help from their dad. I'm not even close to being rich but I hustle my ass off so I don't have to take shit from a man and so my girls don't have to be without nor live the typical "kid of a single mom with no child support" life. So not only am I not interested but he is not needed. He was just a donor. Everything happens for a reason.

I always wanted a son. After my 2nd child was born 2.8 lbs I didn't think I could have kids anymore so regardless of how it happened I am very excited about the GOD given last chance to have a Lil football star (or princess athlete) with a WOMAN I am devoted to 100%. (I will NEVER go back to MEN. YUCK!)

I am looking for a 100% lesbian stud to have as a friend and who might be interested in sharing this awesome experience with me. Even if for nothing but a good source of emotional support but definitely open to more.

I am a 5'2, 128 lb (only 8 weeks pregnant) attractive light skinned black fem who is very athletic. I play soccer (20 years) and am currently on a kickball team headed to playoffs this Sunday! No problem sending pics to prove what I say.

I know many people can't handle this and if you can't that's ok. But if you are open to the idea of starting a new family with me from the very beginning of this little miracles life I know I would make an AWESOME WIFE. My ex-girlfriend could tell you better than I could although I doubt she would be willing to. I broke up with her because she was too unstable in her life after 5 years and 100 chances to get it together. Just got tired of the excuses and BS although it truly broke my heart to leave her behind. No worries about her coming back though. Hurt her so bad she moved to California for good as she couldn't bare to be around to see me move on. She knows about my pregnancy but I didn't want her drama anymore so I passed on her offer to be a part of this child's life. I'd rather do it alone first before I have someone who doesn't have the responsibility level it takes to raise a family.

If this crazy situation somehow sounds interesting to you please let me know why and send me a pic and I will gladly send you mine.

If not no hurt feelings (I am aware of how crazy difficult finding the right fit is gonna be) and thanks for taking the time to read about mi vida loca (my crazy life).
Just so I'm not accused of making this nonsense up, here is the LINK to that craigslist post. 

I read this crap and I was looking like...


I don't know what's wrong with these women in Atlanta. A lot of them are FUCKED UP beyond repair. A lot of them are delusional as hell and just plain LOST. 

The woman who wrote this post dumped a stud, hooked up with a man (despite her claims of not being attracted to men...I guess her other two children were the product of immaculate conceptions?!?), got knocked up, decided to kick the man to the curb, and is now seeking some thirsty ass stud to come through and raise the child with her!

I know some lonely obese or flat chested Lil Wayne looking stud with limited options is probably standing in line ready to snatch up this woman and her bastard children. She probably knows it too, which is why doesn't think twice about her situation. I wrote about this phenomenon a while ago in a blog titled, Why The Hell Are Her Kids Calling You Daddy?

This woman is demanding a woman who is 100% lesbian to co-parent/partner with her flip-flopping ass. Then she has the nerve to diss her ex-girlfriend for not having her life together. This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black!

For folks like me (i.e., those with standards) this woman is UNATTRACTIVE and UNAPPEALING. She is bisexual (or confused as hell). She has 2.5 fatherless children. She is 35+ years old with the mentality of a girl half her age (which is another topic for another day).

I'm done! SMH!

I Want To Visit Africa But I'm Terrifed To Do So. Let Me Explain...

Can I be honest and admit that my terror comes from lack of knowledge? I am ashamed to admit it, but it is true.

From the time I was a child until I was eighteen/nineteen years old I thought of Africa as a dark continent where people lived in mud huts, swung from trees like Tarzan and walked around half-naked. That's the image that is forced feed to African Americans from the time we hit the cradle until the time we hit the grave. 

The only time the white media in this country shows Africa is in the context of ...
  1. Save the starving children of Africa
  2. Rampant rape, starvation and violence in the Congo and Darfur. 
  3. Look at the hellhole Africa became once we good pioneering white folks gave the continent its independence. 
It wasn't until I went to college, and sat in an African history class, that I learned this image is distorted.

For eighteen/nineteen years of my life I believed Africa was some distant dark continent where my ancestors where kidnapped and shipped off to America. I never thought about the continent beyond the Transatlantic Slave Trade and slavery in the United States.

I blame the white media in this country for my past views of Africa. They purposely distort the image of Africa to fuel white supremacy. They achieve an orgasm by showing the most barbaric aspects of Africa while portraying American history as the greatest in the history of man (bullshit!). 

Just think about the way whites portray the United States and Europeans countries compared to Africa (or any majority black nation). They either show the worst aspects of the nation or they leave out the MOST important fact (i.e., those nations are fucked up because they, whites, decided to take it upon themselves to colonize those nations in what is known as imperialism).  

I have heard White Americans say some dumb shit like, "Black Americans should be grateful that we saved them from Africa. We saved them from hell."

They completely ignore history. Whites decided to take it upon themselves to slice Africa up like a pie and divide it amongst themselves while declaring war on the inhabitants of the continent. In their minds Africa (and all black nations) are inherently fucked up and they, whites, had absolutely nothing to do with it.

^^^This is the stuff that pours fuel on the burning hatred I already feel for whites in general. 

Recently, I read a story about some white people in South Africa, who have decided to segregate their community from black people in South Africa. These people have set up some type of blockade around their community to prevent black people from moving into the community. Check the article below...

Racist motherfuckers of South Africa
Kleinfontein is a town of 1,000 residents outside of Pretoria, South Africa. All 1000 of these residents are white, and if they have it their way, it’s going to stay that way. Kleinfontein has been in existence since 1992, and is heavily guarded by their own security people and a fence surrounds its almost 2,000 acres.  The people in this community take “pride” in the fact that they are upholding their culture and refuse to assimilate, no matter how racist others seem to think it is.
“We feel that our culture is being threatened and we want to protect it and we want to nurture it,” said Marisa Haasbroek, a writer and mother who serves as voluntary spokeswoman for a gated community called Kleinfontein.

There are also residents who feel threatened by the mere existence of black people and their ability to ruin a country.

Johan Foley, a former bank manager, did not mince his words about why he moved to Kleinfontein about 20 years ago.

“We are worrying about black people,” said Foley, 76.

“Every time they get their hands on something, it is going bankrupt, there are troubles,” he said. “White people gave them clothes, an education.” (Source).
Only white people would have the audacity to pull some shit like THIS^^^ in a country where they are the MINORITY. What the hell is going on in South Africa???

This is a good time to issue a disclaimer. I don't know much about South Africa's history. I know quite a few black lesbians from South Africa read this blog so perhaps you can educate me on the history of the country. 

Growing up I could never understand how whites were able to completely take over an entire continent and country like South Africa. This was before I had a clear understanding of economics and white supremacy. The white minority of South Africa managed to railroad the black majority in the country with the help of other white superpowers around the world. For this reason, I will never understand why Nelson Mandela's answer to DECADES of oppression and racism was to form a "rainbow nation" with the white folks of South Africa! It doesn't add up for me.

Why is it that we, black folks, are content to just turn the other cheek to an enemy that has proven to be a snake? Every time we turn the other cheek that snake takes the opportunity to bite and poison us. So, why continue to play nice with the snake? Why not pull your pistol and kill the fucking snake?

If I were Nelson Mandela I would have given the white people of South Africa two choices: 
  1. Get out! 
  2. Get thrown the fuck out! 
Either way, you are getting the hell out of here!
I would have immediately seized control of the banks, resources (diamond mines, oil, everything else), and businesses. I would have redistributed the wealth to the black citizens of South Africa. The white people of South Africa would have been forced out the country penniless.

Now you know if Nelson Mandela had done any of the above countries like the United States would have labeled him a "terrorist" "dictator" "black Adolf Hitler" and all types of nonsense despite the reality that a white MINORITY was all of the above to the black MAJORITY for decades. 

I tell you...this world is a trip. 

I want to visit Africa. I don't know where I want to go in Africa because I've heard and read so many negative things about various parts of the continent. I don't know what's fact or fiction anymore. Perhaps some of my African readers can stir me in the right direction.
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