Thursday, June 20, 2013

White Lesbians Who Are Interested In Black Lesbians

I get a lot of emails from white lesbians who are interested in black lesbians. I get emails from white women in Brazil, America, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Most of these emails read something like, "I'm a white woman from so and so and I'm interested in black women. Do black women like white women? How can I meet black women?" 

Others read something like, "I'm a white woman interested in black women, but black women don't appear to be interested in me. How can I make it clear to them that I'm not racist?" 

Then there are others that read, "I'm interested in black ladies. I have a thirst for black women. Can you please call me INSERT PHONE NUMBER?"

^^The latter makes me go, "What the fuck?" 

I have no desire to be some white woman's fetish. I'm pretty sure other black women feel the same way. If you're a white woman, who is genuinely interested in black women, great. However, if you're a white woman, who is interested in black women because you're curious, and consider black women exotic, forbidden or taboo, we have a serious problem. 

Black women are HUMAN BEINGS with feelings. Nobody wants to feel like they are a thing of amusement...especially to a race of people, who have fucked black people over for centuries. 

I personally don't have an issue with white women who are interested in black women. To each their own. I have played in the snow myself, but at the end of the day I'm not the least bit interested in a relationship or marriage to a white woman. I have too many issues with white people collectively to ever seriously consider a white woman as a spouse. I can do another woman of color, but I definitely cannot do a white woman.

It is not just about race. Physically white women...the average American white woman...doesn't do anything for me. I like some lips, breast, thighs, ass and curves. The white women I see here in the south are either flat and thin or round and fat. I can't get pass the physical differences between black women and white women. But again...that's just each their own.

There is a bond between black women. I feel it with black women I'm interested in dating,  black women in my family, friends etc. I feel like I can vibe with black women easily. There are things I can talk about with black women and feel like they completely understand me. I don't feel this way with white women. 

If you are a white woman, who is interested in black women, understand that black women have feelings. Despite what you might think, I believe black women are some of the easiest people to talk to and get to know. All you have to do is come correct. When you approach black women with the proper amount of respect most of us return the favor.

There isn't a magic formula for getting a black woman. There are some black women who are receptive to finding love regardless of race. There are some black women, who like me, have a preference for other black women. You won't meet any of the above unless you put yourself out there to meet black women.

Anyway, if you're a black lesbian, are you open to dating white lesbians? 

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