Monday, June 17, 2013

My Money & My Future

Right now my money is sitting in a free premium money market savings account in the bank (my employer). While I do appreciate the opportunity to earn interest on my six figures, I know I can make more money by investing my money. 

I like the stock market, but I don't trust the stock market. I'm not ready to throw my loot in the fire. I'm afraid I will lose my money. So, I'm looking at other business opportunities.

I'm interested in starting a funeral home. I wrote about this a while ago on this blog

I believe funeral homes are good business. They are old business. They are one of the few stable businesses in the black community. Like the black church, funeral homes probably aren't going anywhere. People die. That is part of life. As the saying goes, "You have to leave this world one day." 

Well, I want to be the individual that leads you to glory at your "home going" ceremony.

I went home Thursday and discussed this idea with my family. They were all looking at me like...

My family (paraphrased): You want to start a funeral home? And want us to work in it? Oh hell naw!!! Can't do it!

My mama: Well, I'll think about driving the hearse, but I'm not touching a dead body! 

Me: Funeral homes are good business and they are usually run by families. Why the hell should I hire someone to run my funeral home when I have you country pumpkins sitting around, growing old and getting fat in this small ass town? 

Me: All you have to do is dress the dead, put them in the box, drive the hearse, make sure the chapel looks nice, say a couple of "Amens" and "Praise the lord" at the funeral, drop the dead in the ground and move on to the next funeral. Damn! Y'all can't do that?

My family: (Blank stare).

I spent the remainder of the day trying to convince my two brothers to attend mortuary school. There are only two mortuary schools in Georgia. One is a private school in the Atlanta area and the other is a state school in southeast Georgia. The state school cost $5,000 for the entire program. My brothers can get a Pell grant, and it will cover the entire cost of their education.

My youngest brother is opened to the idea, but my older brother is not. 

Me (to my older brother): Look, it's not like you're doing jack shit with your life! You can go to school for FREE, and work for me, which is probably better than begging some redneck white man for a job. You have two kids. Think about them and think about their future. 

My words went in one ear and out the other. My older brother treats education like a STD. I wasted my time even talking to him about the opportunity.

I'm moving forward with my funeral home. I'm going to start small in my hometown and grow my business. 

I want to have funeral homes all over the state of Georgia one day. 

People die everyday. Funeral directors are some of the most prosperous people in the black community, especially in small towns. When it comes to funerals, black folks don't spare any expense. I'm going to stick my funeral home in the heart of the ghetto and hope for the best.
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