Friday, June 7, 2013

Coming Soon: Mahogany Mystique

I am finally moving forward with the next phase of my life (and not a moment too soon!). I am full-filling three dreams in one swift move: I am becoming a publisher. I am becoming a businesswoman. I am continuing my mission to write good quality fiction.  

Sometime in the near future I am going to be launching Mahogany Mystique. Mahogany Mystique will be home to premium erotica, fiction, fantasy and romance for lesbians of color! It will be a PAID subscription based site. Readers of the site will have the following options to pay for content on the site: 
  • Pay per post: Users will be charged .99 cent for each post they want to read.
  • Pay per month: Users will be charged a monthly subscription fee.
  • Pay annually: Users will be charged a yearly subscription fee. 
  • A Day Pass (I'm still thinking about this one because it might undermine the other options): Users will have the opportunity to pay for a day pass, which will allow unlimited access to the site for twenty-four hours.
Mahogany Mystique will use a plugin called "Tinypass," which is a secure merchant processing widget for websites and blogs. Each post on the site will feature a snippet of the post. Under that snippet will be a "Read More" icon. When users click on that "Read More" icon the "Tinypass" box will pop up and prompt the reader to either sign in (under their current subscription) or purchase one of the options above. Readers will NOT be able to read the content on the site, or the comments, without purchasing one of the options above.

When I originally came up with this idea it was going to be a website for MY premium content, but then I had an epiphany...

I can use this platform and the "Tinypass" to publish the work of other lesbians of color! So, that's what I plan to do! This is how it will work...

For those of you who are interested in writing for lesbians of color, Mahogany Mystique is the place for you! I am looking for SERIOUS STRONG writers. I am looking for people who are passionate about writing good, solid stories about lesbians of color.  These stories can range from erotica to fairy tales! They can range from romance to non-fiction/autobiography.

I plan to turn Mahogany Mystique into a BRAND. It will be known for supreme quality and class. It will be a symbol of black and brown excellence!

I won't be publishing lackluster work on my site. So, your work needs to be of quality. I mean it needs to be grammatically correct and on-point. 

If you suck at editing, I suggest you pay a starving English major at your local community college! If you send me lackluster work, I am going to send it back to you with the words, "Please revise."

Pick up a copy of The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White. Please work on perfecting your craft before submitting it to me. 

Writers for Mahogany Mystique will be paid under the "pay per post" option. Every time a reader pays .99 cent for one of your posts 70% of that goes into your pocket (the other 30% goes to Tinypass). I don't receive anything from individual sells of your post. Instead, I get paid if readers decide to purchase a monthly or annual subscription to my site (Tinypass takes a cut of my money too).

I know some of you might be thinking, "Damn, 70% of .99 cent is not a lot of money."

You're not looking at the bigger picture.

I am creating an opportunity for lesbians of color that NEVER existed before (to my knowledge there are only a few sites that currently charge readers to read content. So, in that regard, I am a pioneer...especially with this business model).

I am creating an opportunity for lesbians of color, who wish to be heard AND get paid for it.

I am offering lesbians of color the opportunity to make MORE money publishing through my site with my .99 cent pricing model than they would make using Amazon Kindle's .99 pricing model. With that model readers purchase ebooks for .99 cent. Amazon keeps 65% and pays the author 35% of THEIR royalties. With my site, authors keep 70% and Tinypass takes 30%.

Let's do the math: Let's say you publish a chapter (notice I didn't say the whole would be expected if you sell on Amazon Kindle) of that wonderful lesbian love story you've been typing out on Mahogany Mystique. Readers pay .99 for that ONE chapter. Seventy percent of .99 cent is .693 cent. Let's say 250 readers purchase that ONE chapter for .99 cent in the course of two or three weeks. That means you've made $173.25 (250 X .693) for this one chapter. 

Let's say you publish another chapter and another chapter and another chapter until you've published the whole book (maybe 40 chapters altogether). Let's say those same 250 readers purchase all 40 of your chapters. That will be 40 X $173.25= $6930 you've made from posting your novel chapter by chapter on my site.

With Amazon Kindle's pricing model you would have only made 250 X.3465 (35% of .99)= $86.63

So, you compare $6930.00 to $86.63. Now of course you can have the best of both worlds as well. You can introduce your novel on my site (perhaps publish a chapter) and publish it on the Kindle. The possibilities are endless.

Then there is this: You have the opportunity to make money from your stories as long they are posted on Mahogany Mystique. As long as Mahogany Mystique is up and running readers will have the opportunity to buy your stories. There is no deadline on posts. 

This pricing model will apply to short stories, chapters from novels, etc as well.

The bottom line is this: The more you write, the more opportunity you have to make money writing for my site. 

I know some of you are thinking, "This sounds good, but what do you get from this, LezIntellect?"

I get a working business model, a publishing platform for my work and the work of other lesbians of color (I want to write my own fiction and I want to read good fiction by other lesbians of color) and I get promotion for Mahogany Mystique.

Many of you will share Mahogany Mystique with your friends and family (especially if you're writing for the site). Those people will probably buy a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. They will tell more people about the site. It will continue to grow. This will lead to more opportunities for me to expand my brand.

Bottom line: We ALL gain from this arrangement. 

Now for those of you wondering how you'll get paid for your work...

I am currently working with my web designer to get the website off the ground. The Tinypass requires writers to have an email address and a Tinypass account. Every time someone purchases your work that money goes into your Tinypass account. From my understanding, you receive notification of the transaction via email. Your email is tied to both Tinypass and Mahogany Mystique.

Tinypass allows you to transfer your earrings to your bank account or they send you a check. You can transfer money and/or ask for a check every 30 days. Tinypass also gives you a report of your sales, which is great for tax purposes. I like this arrangement because it takes the responsibility of handing the money out of my hands.

My web designer (and I) need your email address in order to set up your Tinypass on Mahogany Mystique. You will be responsible for creating your own Tinypass account through the company, but we need your email to set it up on Mahogany Mystique.

If you are interested in writing for Mahogany Mystique I need the following immediately
  1. Your email address
  2. Samples of your work (I want see your work before I agree to publish you).
If you're interested in the opportunity, email me the above information:
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