Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Black Lesbian's Struggle To Meet & Court A Wife

The older I get the more I desire a stable committed relationship that will lead to marriage and children. At this very moment I'm reading the book Black Titan: A.G. Gaston & The Making of A Black American Millionaire. As I sit and read this book, thoughts of finding an awesome educated black woman who shares my vision for the future begin to flood my consciousness. 

Becoming a successful writer (and hopefully a successful business owner) is only half the struggle for me. This was easy compared to the next half of my journey. On the verge of becoming twenty-eight years old, I feel like I need to get serious about finding a suitable spouse. 

I've always been serious about this subject, but I've lost focus from time to time when faced with challenges, temptation and other obstacles. It's so hard to focus on love when you're constantly worried about bills, money, your health and your career.

I want children. I want a family. I hope to raise children who will become doctors, lawyers, architects, college professors and strong black leaders. I want my children to attend HBCUs and become productive members of their communities. I want my children to be credits to their race. I want them to be strong, solid achievers, who are humble yet confident in their skin and skills.

I want to provide my family with a good solid foundation. I want a nice home with a large yard for my kids. I want my wife to have a rose garden and a swing that we can sit in together as I hold her in my arms while admiring the life we've built together. I want my wife to have diamonds and pearls if those are things she desires. I want my wife to feel secure, supported, safe and loved by me. 

All of the above are dreams.

It is not easy to find, meet and court other black lesbians who share my vision and hope for the future. At times, I'm quite discouraged by the pool of black lesbians I meet here in Atlanta. I honestly don't believe my standards are too high. Instead, I think the culture that surrounds the black community has become noticeably negative and off-putting...especially to those of us who are about our business.

The thought dawned on me recently that I should consider the possibility of adopting and raising children on my own. I swore I would never consider being a single parent, but as I age and desire children, adoption becomes more appealing to me. 

Anyway, these are my thoughts for today.
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