Friday, May 17, 2013

Whew! Sweet Jesus!

Whew! Sweet Jesus! 

I used to have the biggest crush on Pebbles. Even today she can still get the business.

It is true what they doesn't crack! 

I was watching the clip above, which features Pebbles and The Deele (Babface's group) on Soul Train. Back in the day, when the music business actually required folks to have talent, people like Pebbles used to come through and shut Soul Train all the way down. I was just a child, but I remember those days. I wish we could go back to those days. 

But anyway, I ran across the clip above and I was like gawdamn! Pebbles reminds me of a chick I work with at the bank. The woman looks something like her and she's feisty as hell. Whenever I look at her I think about some hardcore fucking and trust me...if I could I would!

Savannah Might Be In My Future After All

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about my desire to leave Atlanta and move to Savannah. At the time I was being considered for a position as a library manager. Weeks passed and I never heard anything from the recruiter that was interested in me for the position. So, naturally I moved on and took a job with the bank (my current employer). Well, yesterday I received a call from the dean of the school asking me to come to Savannah for another interview.

Me: Umm...okay. 

Him: Can you come Monday?

Me: Sure.

Monday I will be in Savannah for my job interview. I have mixed feelings about this opportunity. 

On one hand, I know I should jump this opportunity because it is in my field and it is a management position.

Savannah is a beautiful city. It is next to the ocean. In my opinion Savannah, is a mixture of my hometown (small and rural) and Atlanta (bigger and cultured).

I can see myself growing old in Savannah. I can see myself raising kids in Savannah. For me Savannah offers calmness. It offers less crime and less traffic. I can have a solid peace of mind in Savannah.

The downside is it also offers more white people (and racism...remember Atlanta is chocolate city), more segregation (though this isn't always a bad thing) and a population full of unattractive country ass people.

I know I'm going to be miserable with the women in Savannah. I can already feel it. The further south you go in Georgia the more the black folks resemble this...

and this...

And I just can't deal with this shit! 

I can see it now. Whenever I want to get laid I''ll be forced to make a trip to Atlanta! Whenever I desire to meet women I will be forced to hit the road and come to Atlanta. With gas as high as it is this just doesn't seem worth it to me.

On the flip side...the lesbians in Atlanta aren't that great either, but at least I have a better chance of finding a decent looking woman here than in south Georgia.

I'm going to sit down and seriously give this situation some thought. Basically, I'm deciding between my personal happiness (my love life) and my professional happiness (my career).


Why in the world couldn't I just meet a nice woman while I was committed to staying in Atlanta?
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