Monday, May 13, 2013

Guest Post/Bloggers Wanted

For the first time since its creation, I'm opening my blog up to guest bloggers. 

I'm interested in hearing some of your stories. Judging from the surveys I've received some of you do have great stories to tell, but you don't have a platform to tell your stories. I'm offering you the opportunity to write a guest post on my blog. 

You can write about anything you want. I just ask that it be personal (goes with the general theme of my blog...i.e., a diary), thought-provoking and REAL. If you want to write a response to one of my post feel free. If you want to write about sex, love and relationships feel free.

You can remain anonymous if you like or you can create a pen name. I will respect your privacy either way.

If you are interested in the opportunity email me:
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