Thursday, May 9, 2013

An Angry Rant About Fake Ass Black Lesbians

The poster child for confused chicks!

Today as I was reading I came across an article about a black women name Chirlane McCray, who identified as a lesbian back in 1979, but is married to a man in 2013. She is married to a white man, who is running for mayor of New York City. She has been married to him for the last 19 years.

In 1979 the woman wrote a "groundbreaking" (I use the word loosely) article for Essence magazine titled, I Am A LesbianEssence magazine did a follow up with this woman today on their website.

 This is what she said in that article in 1979:
"I discovered my preference for women early," she wrote, "before getting locked into a traditional marriage."
This is what she is saying today about her marriage to a man:
I came out at 17. I hadn't really dated any men. I thought, Whoa, what is this? But I also didn't think, Oh, now I'm attracted to men. I was attracted to Bill. He felt like the perfect person for me. For two people who look so different, we have a lot in common. We are a very conventional, unconventional couple.
Here is what she had to say about the possibility that she is bisexual:
I am more than just a label. Why are people so driven to labeling where we fall on the sexual spectrum? Labels put people in boxes, and those boxes are shaped like coffins. (Lezintellect: WTF? Didn't YOU label YOURSELF a lesbian in the original article???) Finding the right person can be so hard that often, when a person finally finds someone she or he is comfortable with, she or he just makes it work. As my friend Vanessa says, "It's not whom you love; it's that you love."
Now here is my two cents....

I can't fucking stand women like this woman! 

This chick was on some bullshit when she wrote her original article for Essence in 1979. This woman was no more gay than Sheryl Swoops. I'm willing to bet anyone MONEY that this woman's OPTIONS were limited with men in 1979. When this white man came along and smiled at her ass I bet she didn't waste anytime jumping on his dick. 

Let's just be real about it. In all likelihood, black men were not checking for this all period. And it was more than likely due to her physical appearance. Interracial relationships between black women and white men were declining in 1970s. So that route was out of the question for black women due to racial politics and social pressure from black men. 

I don't doubt this woman felt something for women. My issue is she was clearly BISEXUAL, NOT a LESBIAN. Her article should have been titled, I Am Bisexual.

This is why I put these chicks on mute when they start saying shit like "sexuality is fluid." Nine times out of ten they mean 1). I'm confused as hell and/or 2). I'm bisexual/bicurious. I have yet to meet a lesbian...I mean a REAL lesbian who walks around saying this mess. 

Now I'm happy this woman found some peace and happiness. However, what pisses me off is the reality that people look at HER and say to themselves, "See, they can turn it on and off. Homosexuals aren't born gay. Just look at this woman. Fuck all that nonsense about gay marriage and gay rights." 

They don't see the women like me who have NEVER been with members of the opposite sex. They don't see those of us who have never wavered in our sexuality. They don't see those of us who don't feel a tingle or an itch for members of the opposite sex despite how "charming" they come across. The only people they see is fake ass "black lesbians" like this woman. 

This doesn't just hurt lesbians like me. It also hurts those of you who WANT to come out of the closet. Your homophobic parents, friends and family are looking at people like this woman and using THEM to judge ALL of US. 

I'm sick of this shit. 

I'm seriously considering submitting a response letter to Essence Magazine. Those of us who are tired of being misrepresented in the media by confused women like this woman need to stand up and speak out. 

And I don't give a good gawdamn if this post offends anyone. 

If you are bisexual then be fucking bisexual! 

Stop calling yourselves "lesbians." Stop saying dumb shit like "labels don't define me" when folks like ME point out your inappropriate use of labels (mainly the word LESBIAN).

If you're so against labels then stop labeling yourself LESBIANS! Stop portraying yourselves as the poster children of black lesbianism or lesbianism in general! 

For those of you interested, here is her original article published in Essence Magazine...

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