Monday, May 6, 2013

My Life At The Moment

I don't have much going on right now. I've been laying low and chilling. I've been doing some reading and some writing (not as much as I would like). 

I'm thinking about starting a forum for black lesbians. I'm still trying to decide whether or not it will be worth the cost. I've been talking to a professional forum designer. From what I gather starting and maintaining a forum is not cheap. 

The license for VBulletin (the software used by most forums) cost $249.00! Then there is the actual cost of the skin (read: custom design) for the forum. The professional forum designer told me I'm looking at paying $1,200 for that! 

Then there is the issue of my domain name, servers and hosting. The professional forum designer offered me some space on her server for $60 a year, but that will only work for so long because if the site grows/becomes popular (as I believe it will), I will need to either look for hosting or a server of my own. Once again, that shit is NOT cheap.

I can't decided whether or not I want the stress and drama associated with running a forum in my life. I'm looking for ways in which the forum can possibly pay for itself. I'm looking at advertising and/or a SMALL membership fee. If I charge a $10.00 YEARLY membership fee will you join the forum?

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At this very moment I'm watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I don't like this bullshit ass show. However, I have a HUGE crush on Ariane, who I think is fine as HELL!

Where can I find a chick who looks like this with a good solid head on her shoulders? 

Ariane is the smartest, baddest and most likeable character on the show. You can't help but notice her swag because she stands out (along with Rasheeda) from the other chicks on the show. Whenever I see Ariane I just think to myself, "Damn..where can I find a LESBIAN version of her?!?!"
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