Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lesbians Who Have Never Been With A Woman

I receive a lot of emails from women who have NEVER been with a woman in any way, shape or form. These women classify themselves as lesbians (many of them have never been with a man and don't find men attractive), but they have NEVER been with a woman. Most of these women are in their mid-late twenties and they have NEVER been in a relationship with a woman (and some have never been in a relationship with a man either).

I'm not sure if these people are asexual. They seem uncertain about a few things (like HOW to be a lesbian) and they come across as people who are afraid to live their lives. They appear to be the following...
  1. Afraid to pursue or get involved with a woman.
  2. Afraid to accept their sexual orientation.
  3. Unable to meet other lesbians (this is particularly true for black lesbians).
  4. Afraid the outcome of a relationship with a woman may not be what they expected, which will force them to question their sexual orientation.
I completely understand all of the above, but ultimately you have to live your life. 

Other than number three on the list, I can't honestly say I can relate. I've been having sex with grown women since I was a teenager. I've been in relationships with women since I was a teenager. As I stated in another post, my sexual orientation has always been very much apart of me...similar to my race. So, I'm not sure if I'm the right person to ask for advice concerning this topic. The only thing I can say is live your life and stop being afraid to pursue happiness. 

This topic has sparked my curiosity. I believe quite a few lesbians that read this blog have NEVER been intimate with a woman, which is very interesting. Sex does not make a relationship. Sex does not define one's sexual orientation. However, I am curious to know how many of you, who consider yourselves lesbians, have NEVER been intimate with a woman (and by intimate I mean sexual intercourse...not foreplay or dry humping)?

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