Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tomboys & Purses

I'm a tomboy.

I have ALWAYS been a tomboy. 

I never liked to do things that girls are supposed to do. I never wore dresses (unless I was forced to do so...ex. prom). I never played with dolls. I never wore makeup or had a fascination with cosmetics. I never took much interest in clothes, fashion etc (though I do care about my appearance). I never asked my parents to buy me toys such as Easy Bake ovens, Polly Pocket (though my mother bought me Polly Pocket toys anyway) or Cabbage Patch Kids (though my grandmother did give me a Cabbage Patch Kid). Instead, I wanted the same things that my brothers wanted. 

I wanted a Sega, a Playstation, a Super Nintinedo, and a Trampoline. I wanted model cars (my dad bought me a red Ferrari, which I loved!). I wanted a football, a go-cart and a moped. I want an electric racetrack and games to play on the Sega. 

If my mom or dad bought me something that even resembled a doll or anything girlish I would take it and throw it to the side. I loved teddy bears but I hated dolls. My mom would grow frustrated and give those toys away to her friends' kids. I didn't care because I never wanted them. 

I think my mom wished I was like other little girls. I think she wished she had a daughter who she could mold, but I wasn't having it. I resisted any attempt she made to "convert" my tomboy ways. 

I remember when we used to go school shopping. We were poor and my mom would take us to K-Mart or Wal-Mart a few weeks before school was scheduled to begin for the year. My brothers and I were too young to be concerned with labels so we didn't think twice about shopping at these stores. We were just happy to get new clothes. We only saw new clothes twice a year: the beginning of the school year and Christmas.  

My mom used to pick out five outfits for each of us. She always had the toughest time with me. I swore up and down I wouldn't wear any of the clothes she tried to pick out in the girls' section. I refused to try on the clothes. While my brothers were over in the boys' section, she and I were arguing in the girls' section. Eventually she would relent and pick me out some flannel shirts and some jeans from the boys' section. 

Other than the hair bows in my hair and the breast that began to bloom from my eleven year old chest (real talk my titties developed when I was 11 years old and they hurt like hell), there was virtually no sign of a girl in me. 

I liked it that way. 

I was still a very cute child. I don't think I was the type of tomboy that people looked at and raised an eyebrow as if to say, "What the hell is wrong with this child?" I was an adorable tomboy, capable of charming anyone that entered my life. As I grew and bloomed so too did my confidence and charm.

My period hit when I was 12 years old and I hated it. My body was changing and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. Up until the year I got my breast I used to walk around without a shirt on just like my brothers. I didn't do this simply because I saw them doing it. The weather influenced my decision to go shirtless. 

Here in Georgia it gets hot as hell in July and August. My parents didn't believe in turning on the air condition. So we were forced to keep cool by using store bought fans and stripping down to shorts and underwear. A shirt was an unnecessary luxury for me prior to developing breast.

Once my period began my mother decided to get me a purse. 

My mother: "You need a purse to carry your kotex." 

Me (Blank stare): "I'm not carrying a purse. "

I refused to carry a purse then and I refuse to carry one now. I hate purses. The only time you will catch me carrying a purse is if I need one for a special formal occasion (and most likely I will be wearing a dress as well). My mother continued to buy me purses for Christmas and I refused to carry them.

So what do I carry? This...

The above is my everyday bag. It is a backpack and it's 100% leather. When I'm not at work it goes everywhere with me. I love it because it's spacious. I can carry around my books and my notepad without any issues. Next...
I carry a briefcase similar to the one above. It doesn't look exactly like the one pictured, but it is similar.

I carry a checkbook style wallet, which holds my checkbook, debit cards and my cash. 

This is all I need to be happy!

I'll leave purses for women like my mother. As a tomboy, a purse is not something I need in my life. 
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