Monday, April 15, 2013

Pussy So Good!!!

Well, it finally happened. Last night I chopped down Cougar (formerly known as my property manager) and it was good as hell! There is something extremely sexy and arousing about screwing an older woman. This particular woman is old enough to be my mother. Last night I had her ass moaning like a wounded animal!

I don't usually brag about my "sexual conquests" but I'm quite proud of myself for finally fucking this woman. If you don't know our history check my archives! Believe me...I worked hard for this pussy!

So now I'm facing a dilemma...

I'm still fucking Caramel and well...that's some good pussy too! 

I keep Caramel around because she is a freak and she's down for whatever. All I have to do is pick up the phone and call her. The next thing I know she's on her knees between my legs with her nice round titties hanging out. Her head game is so sick she will have you on the verge of tears! She has spoiled me. Sexually she doesn't have any inhibitions. 

We have fucked on the floor, on the kitchen counter (I's nasty right?), on my bed, etc. We made this freaky sex tape and we fucked while we watched it (thankfully I was smart enough to destroy it after we watched it together)!

Needless to say, I'm addicted! Had I known a "fuck buddy" would be this great I would have recruited one a long time ago!

My dilemma is I feel some kind of way about fucking two women at the same time. It doesn't quite feel right. Part of me wishes I could just relax and enjoy all this "free/no strings attached" pussy. I wish I could just fuck all the women riding my coattails and not give it another thought. However, the BETTER part of me feels like a whore!

I don't understand how people do this shit (i.e, juggle more than one lover at the same time). It doesn't feel right to me. I will have to make a choice between these two women. My conscience won't let me screw them both at the same time.
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