Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Nerve Of White Americans

It is very hard to like White Americans. It is very hard to find some redeeming qualities in White Americans collectively. Let me tell you why...

A few days ago I was listening to the radio while on my way to work. I don't remember if I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show or Tom Joyner, but there was a woman on the show talking about African American history in Paris. This woman owns her own tour company and she gives tours of the city's historical African American districts. Her tours are basically guides to the history of Africans Americans who lived and/or worked in Paris during The Jazz Age, The Harlem Renaissance and the mid-20th century. 

Paris was a very welcoming place for black writers, artists, dancers, painters etc during the Jim Crow era. During Jim Crow African Americans were treated like shit by White Americans. We couldn't vote. We couldn't live without being harassed, raped, beaten or killed. We always had to enter restaurants and hotels through the back door and sometimes we couldn't enter these places at all. In Paris the opposite was true.

People like Hazel Scott, Josephine Baker, Richard Wright, Chester Himes, James Baldwin, Paul Robeson and many others made their homes in Paris, a city that welcomed them with opened arms. Others like Fredi Washington, Langston Hughes, Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway etc were treated like kings and queens when they visited the city. 

It's safe to say African Americans have a rich cultural history in Paris and France. So, when I heard about this woman giving tours of that history in Paris my interest was immediately peaked. As a writer and an artist I find this type of information interesting and compelling. I have always been interested in traveling to Paris myself. I used to fantasize about leaving America and becoming an expatriate.

Yesterday, as I was relaxing, I did a search for African Americans in Paris tours (I couldn't remember the tour guide's name). I came across an article on CNN's website (Link). I enjoyed the article but when I began reading the comments under the article my blood began to boil. 

I strongly despise White Americans as a collective. I've been very forth-coming about my prejudice. As someone who has lived in the south my entire life and has experienced THEIR racism I feel they have EARNED my hatred in spades. 

If you take a look at the comments on the CNN article you will notice there are whites making comments asking why we "blacks" refer to ourselves as "African American." There are comments asking why such a tour (one that focuses on the history of African Americans in Paris) even exist. There are comments saying that any African American who lives or moves to Paris is no longer an American. Then there are the extremely racist comments that refer to African Americans as everything under the sun. 

All of the above are reasons I cannot stand White Americans. Let me break it down point by point...

White Americans ask: "Why do blacks refer to themselves as African Americans?"

My Answer: Why the hell do you care what we call ourselves? Why do you take us calling ourselves African Americans as a personal affront to yourselves? Is our use of the words "African American" stopping you from voting, paying your bills, taking care of your family, or living a healthy/prosperous life? Noooooo! So why the hell do you care? 

Is it because we have taken the power out of your hands and denied you the "right" to label us with terms like "Negro" "Colored" "Darky" "The Blacks" and "Nigger"? 

Labels were fine when YOU were the group putting them on us. However, now that WE, AFRICAN AMERICANS, have crafted our own label, and completely disregarded YOUR labels, you want to scream foul. Get the fuck out of here! 

The term "African American" refers to those of us born in the United States who are descendants of BLACK Africans

It is a way of hanging onto our heritage, which you try so hard to STEAL and TAKE from us. It is no different than "Asian American" (refers to people of Asian descent born in America), Hispanic American (refers to people of Hispanic descent born in America) or Italian American, Polish American, Irish American, French American etc. 

Charlize Theron would not be considered an "African American" because she is of European descent. Though she is South African, her WHITE EUROPEAN ancestors immigrated to South Africa. Given the reality that she is WHITE and of EUROPEAN descent and BORN in South Africa a term like "African American" wouldn't fit her.

Furthermore, I find it amazing that you seem to catch feelings about African Americans refusing to  refer to ourselves simply as "American." Please catch up on YOUR history. You selectively pick and choose when we, African Americans, are Americans. 

One minute you're telling us we don't belong here and "It's a white Anglo Saxon country." The next minute you're pissed off because we refer to ourselves as "African American" rather than "American." Then in the next breath you assholes dispute the American citizenship of our first biracial/black president, who is actually proud to be an American. You're constantly trying to find "proof" that he was born outside this country though FACTS prove he IS an American citizen.

Then you have the nerve to get pissed off when we don't show any patriotism on YOUR ridiculous hypocritical holidays (i.e., Independence Day) and when you decide to declare war on other black and brown people around the world. Why the hell would African Americans celebrate this bullshit? While your WHITE ancestors were out celebrating their independence from the British our BLACK ancestors were in bondage!!!

White American ask: Why does an African Americans in Paris tour exist?

My answer: The same reason why places like Gettysburg and Arlington National Cemetery exist. It is history. It is someone's heritage. It is a testament to history and greatness. Just because you cannot appreciate the history and accomplishments of non-whites doesn't make that history any less significant to other groups.

What you idiots refuse to understand is this: There wouldn't be a need for "black history month" "black music month" "African American museums" "Historically Black College and Universities" and "African American history tours" if we were all inclusive as a society. The fact remains, black and brown people, often have to make our own way. We have to clear our own paths. We have to celebrate ourselves because you refuse to allow us to be treated equally in EVERY regard. You don't want us in your world so please shut the fuck up talking about us starting our own organizations, colleges, tours and museums.

I honestly believe your reaction to things like this stem from jealousy. 

We all know White Americans don't have a culture (and if they do have one it's one that is heavily influenced by non-whites) and your history isn't much to celebrate. You've spent the majority of your time on this planet shitting on other races of people, starting wars, destroying the environment, polluting food supplies, killing innocent animals and beings and stealing everything that isn't nailed down.

You all take bits and pieces of culture from other races and reappropriate it as your own. Then you label yourselves "The King of Rock and Roll" "The Princess of Pop" "The Queen of Pop" etc. When truth be told just about every one of your musical icons (ex. Elvis, The Beetles, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Adele) is guilty of "stealing" from African American musical culture. 

I once asked a white man if White Americans have a culture. He said yes. I asked him what is White American culture? He said, "Credit cards, McDonalds, Apple pie and Thanksgiving." 

Me to him: *Blank stare*

The question becomes what the hell do White Americans have to celebrate? Being white??? Being a soulless race of people? Being the thieves and the rapist of the world's natural resources and its people?

I could possibly muster up an ounce of respect for some of you if you would admit the obvious: When it comes to cultural influences, whether it be music, literature, dance etc, you suck! You need other races of people to influence a culture of your own. So, the thought of African Americans (a group you have tried to beat down in every way) being loved and adored for our culture (one that you criticize before later reappropriting as your own) makes you see the green eyed monster (jealousy). It makes you sick to your stomach. You got some nerve!

I can go on and on about the nerve of White Americans, but I think I will stop here.
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