Monday, April 8, 2013

The Dark-Skinned Beauty At The Gas Station

This is NOT her!

There is a Racetrack gas station up the street from my apartment complex. I go there all the time for gas. In fact, I think it might be the only gas station that I use in my area. It seems like the gas there is cheaper than all the other service stations in the area. 

Every time I go to this particular gas station I am taken aback by the beautiful dark-skinned black woman that works behind the counter. She is stunningly beautiful. She is blue-black dark-skinned. She has that extremely rare dark skin that we don't see with too many African Americans anymore thanks to decades of race mixing. Her complexion is extremely striking and it's really hard not to stare.

Physically, this woman is slim. She is about 5'4'' tall. She probably weighs around 115 pounds soak and wet. Her features are slim and noticeably Eurocentric in appearance, which makes her appearance all the more striking. Honestly, I wouldn't expect to see such features on her given her skin tone (I know that sounds ignorant but I've been conditioned). 

She has a very feminine grace and her walk reminds me of a feline. This woman is a diamond in the rough. I'm almost certain she could be a supermodel. She blows every well-known model (black or white) out the water.

I can't help but stare at her while I'm standing in line to pay for my gas. The first time I set eyes on her I remember thinking "My God! This woman is gorgeous!" 

The only thing I find out of place with her appearance is the ugly wig (not weave) she wears on her head. The wig doesn't look right on her. It is a long bob with bangs. Sometimes it looks lopsided to me and it's extremely distracting. Honestly, if you saw her, you would immediately notice it too. I often think to myself, "This woman would be the most gorgeous woman in the world if she would rock her own damn hair! A full-blown afro would look great on her!"

Dark-skinned black women are beautiful. I know society often says something different, but I truly believe dark-skinned black women are awesome. I just wish more of them knew it. I wish more of them would say fuck the world and just be happy with themselves and their beauty. 
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