Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Memoir: Would You Read It?

My ex-property manager turned boo (her new nickname will be Cougar) recently suggested I write my memoir. The thought has crossed my mind. To my knowledge, there has ONLY been one well-written memoir/auto-biography by a black lesbian and that was Zami: A New Spelling Of My Name by Audre Lorde. 

Right now I'm reading E. Lynn Harris' What Becomes of The Brokenhearted for the second time. I'm enjoying the book. I can honestly see many similarities between Mr. Harris (R.I.P) and me.

I have been through a lot in my twenty-seven years. I suffer from depression. I know what it feels like to be dirt poor and hungry as hell. I grew up in the rural country town. I was raised by my grandmother. I grew up hating my mother and resenting my father. I was born out of wedlock to a teenage mother and a military crazed father. I come from a broken (and at times abusive) home. I've dealt with racism, sexism, prejudice, classism, elitism and every other ism. I freely admit my own prejudice, racism, sexism and classism. I've overcome some issues (ex. poverty) only to succumb to others (prejudice). Long story short, I've lived a helluva life. 

Would my life make a great memoir? 

Am I capable of writing a great uncensored memoir (perhaps the hardest thing about writing a memoir is revealing things I would NEVER reveal on this blog)? 

Would you buy my memoir? Vote in the poll below...

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