Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jealousy & Love Gone Wrong

Chick on the left is fine as hell....Chick on the right...ummm what the hell happened to her hairline???
I've been meaning to write a blog about this topic for some time now. Today my new boo (my ex-property I should give her a new nickname) asked me if I heard about the domestic violence dispute between WNBA players Jennifer Lacy (pictured on the left) and Chamique Holdsclaw (pictured on the right). I heard about their situation a while ago, but I didn't feel like commenting on it at the time.

For those of you who don't know, Chamique Holdsclaw allegedly tried to either scare the hell out of Jennifer Lacy or kill the chick. Chamique shot up Jennifer's whip and supposedly tried to blow the car up (depending on which blog site you read). What set off the attack? According to Jennifer, Chamique was mad as hell because they broke up. You can read more about their situation here.

I don't condone domestic violence, but if I was Jennifer Lacy I think I would beat Chamique's ass for fucking up my car! That alone would prompt me to stab the chick! I wouldn't care if she did have a gun. The two of us would be struggling over the gun and my foot would ultimately end up in her ass!

I know how it feels to be driven by jealous rage. I have been there. One of my ex-girlfriends used to make me so jealous that I could kill. Jealousy is a SERIOUS emotion. Next to anger, I believe jealousy is the most dangerous emotion of them all. 

Jealousy has the ability to keep you up at night. It has the ability to cloud your judgement. It has the ability to make you ill. It has the ability to drive you crazy. It has the ability to destroy your life. It can drive you to do things you regret later. It has the ability to cripple your body (jealousy is stressful and stress is NOT good for the body). If not managed or unchecked, jealousy can end in violence. 

I don't know what was going through Chamique's head when she was trying to pop a cap in Jennifer's ass. If I were in her shoes, and on the verge of losing a woman that looks like this...

I probably would have lost my mind too! 

Jennifer Lacy is one of the best looking black female basketball players I have ever seen (and honestly I haven't seen too many attractive female basketball players). I read she is from California. Something must be in the water in California because just about ever black lesbian I have ever encountered from California has been FINE as hell!

Poor Chamique probably saw the writing on the wall and knew it was just a matter of time before another lesbian began tapping that vagina. She probably had daydreams of some other butch 6 foot 5 WNBA player eating Jennifer's box in the locker room, and that thought probably messed her up in the head. Instead of seeking therapy, she decided manhandle a chick. Again, I don't condone domestic violence. 

Anyway, Jennifer Lacy has moved on...

Damn Damn Damn Damn!!!!

 And so has Chamique Holdsclaw....

Her girlfriend is cute!

Why You Mad Son???

This is going to be one of the realest blogs I have ever written. It stems largely from a conversation I had with someone that reads this blog and some of the comments I've seen on other blogs I read. There is a group of black men on the internet who LOVE to lament about ALL black women supposedly overlooking them for black men who are thugs, convicted felonies, street niggas etc. Let them tell it from middle school on up, black women have been dissing them for boys/men who are ex-cons, drug dealers, convicted criminals and stains on society. I call bullshit all the way around and let me tell you why...

In general, I believe black men are the most fucked up group of people on the face of the planet. I don't care if they are convicted felonies, preachers, lawyers, or drug dealers. In general, I don't have a favorable opinion of black men. I have seen too much bullshit in my life to have a favorable opinion of black men. Yet my sexuality (I like and love women) and my gender (I'm a woman) put me in a very unique position when it comes to the black community and the brewing gender war between black men and black women. 

I'm able to look at black women and judge them based on my own desires and sexual preferences and I'm able to look at black men and judge them based on THEIR desires, sexual preferences and actions.

Based on the things I see and hear from this vocal group of black men I can honestly say this is an issue central to lame ass niggas. No other group of men on the face of the planet whines about the women of their race finding them unattractive like this group of men. I have never heard a white man blame ALL white women for finding him unattractive. I have never seen a white man bitch and moan about white women supposedly picking low class white men over him. I have never seen a white man base his desirability on the short-comings of other white men (example, compare himself to trailer park trash or a white ex-con...I mean what the fuck). This shit only seems to happen with this group of modern day lame ass niggas. Let's look at the premise of their argument...

Lame corny niggas that look something like this....

are pissed off supposedly because ALL black women are overlooking them and all their awesomeness (sarcasm) for men who look something like this...

who are irresponsible, convicted felonies and dick slinging deadbeats.

Characteristics of lame ass niggas...
  1. They typically have some post secondary education.
  2. They tend to believe their education and academic accomplishments make them "good" black men.
  3. They tend to believe their education and academic accomplishments make them the ONLY "good" black men. 
  4. They tend to measure their desirability against downtrodden black men...rather than men of their class, background and educational level.
  5. They tend to be bitter about women/girls rejecting them all the way back to high school. They say things like, "Black women reject me because I lack swag and a criminal record."
  6. They tend to believe black women OWE them a pat on the back for doing shit they are SUPPOSED to do like avoid prison, seek education and avoid having children out of wedlock. 
  7. They tend to believe there are ONLY two types of black men: lame ass niggas like them, who are "good" and thugs who are "bad." All others don't exist. 
  8. They tend to believe ALL educated black men are "good" black men. 
  9. They tend to be very revengeful and bitter towards black women for rejections they received while in high school and college.
  10. They tend to suffer from penis envy. They pretend to despise black thugs and hoodlums for tearing down the black community. However, the reality is these lame ass niggas don't give a damn about the black community. They despise black thugs and hoodlums because they envy their ability to fuck hoochies with good coochies (more on this later).
  11. They tend to hold non-black women in high regard, though these women don't typically give them the time of day either... unless they have money. 
  12. They tend to be extremely self-centered and narcissistic.
Now if you're like me you're probably thinking to yourself, "This shit doesn't quite add up. Something is missing." What's missing? The WHOLE truth is missing.

These lame ass niggas aren't being honest when they make allegations about being overlooked by black women (all black women) in favor of irresponsible thugs. Here is the truth...

Lame ass niggas are mad as hell because this chick...

won't give them the time of day. Her face is pretty. Her ass is phat. Her waist is slim. Her breast are perky and her pussy is tight and wet. They see her and their dick gets hard as a rock. It doesn't matter that she IS a hoodrat. The only thing they see is a pretty face, phat ass and a pussy. 

Lame ass niggas approach her with their tongues hanging out. She looks them up and down, sucks her teeth and rolls her eyes before ultimately ignoring them. The butt hurt lame ass nigga watches as Tyrone from her hood approaches. He approaches and she suddenly becomes gleeful because again, this is her MALE counterpart from HER environment. He looks like this...

The fine hoodrat would rather be with her thug lover than the corny lame ass nigga that lives in the suburbs and illustrates comic books with his friends (all corny ass niggas).

In an effort to save face and avoid admitting they are checking for the WRONG TYPE of black chicks, corny niggas lie and say ALL black women rejected them. ALL black women didn't reject them. The type they love, like and pursued rejected them. 

I also think they actually believe they can shame fine HOODRATS into liking them instead of thugs. They ignore the reality that SHE is a product of her environment and try to influence her preferences by creating a fake moral compass that points to them (lame ass niggas) as "good" and thugs as "bad." If she wants to do the "right" thing she would stop fucking thugs and start fucking them! It's the right thing to do for the black race and the black community (sarcasm)!

These lame ass niggas go all over the internet bitching about ALL black women and those other black men (i.e., thugs) destroying the black community. They bitch about these men and women denying them (the "good" black men) their proper place as "leaders" of the black community. The truth is these men don't give a damn about the black community. They care about the "perks" they feel entitled to as the "good" black men of the community. They care about the dick slinging thug getting the red carpet treatment from fine hoodrats. They feel they are the true alpha men of the black community and should be afforded the perks that come with the distinction.

From where I'm sitting lame ass niggas aren't simply mad because thugs are taking all the hoochie coochie. They aren't mad because thugs are dropping babies with these women and leaving their children fatherless. They aren't outrage at the behavior of thugs. They aren't mad because the black community has become a cesspool. They are mad as hell because they aren't allowed a place at the table to exploit, use and abuse a village of fine hoodrats themselves!

They envy the thug's ability to fuck all the hoodrats he wants. That's the real reason they go around touting the lie that ALL black women like thugs and overlooked them. The type of chick they wanted (i.e., the beautiful hoodrat with the video vixen face and body) didn't want them. Being that they are supposed to be the "good" black men of the community they can't go around admitting they are checking for black women who are the counterparts of the downtrodden black men they envy. How "good" and progressive can a man claim to be if he desires women from the wrong side of the tracks? Such a declaration would open the door for others to question his creditability.

I'm so sick and tired of these whiny bastards. IF you as a man cannot attract the type of chick that you want you need to do some self-reflecting. Stop blaming the women because they don't want your ass. You may not be her type and she has a right to her preferences. Suck it up and keep it moving. Black women don't owe you their love and affection.
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