Thursday, March 14, 2013

Walking On Cloud Nine

I asked her out and she said, "Let me think."  Well, she's been thinking for almost a week.

I'm not even sure what "Let me think" means, but I concluded that it means I really ain't feeling you in that way so I'mma tell you this shit and I hope you get the picture. 

I got the picture! 

I'm not even dwelling on it. *Kanye shrug* I gotta keep it moving, right? So, that's what I did. 

Last Friday, I discovered that my apartment complex has a NEW property manager. I discovered this when I went to the rent office to pick up The Blue Lagoon, which was dropped off by Fedex. A bald white man introduced himself as the new property manager and he volunteered to carry The Blue Lagoon to my car.

I was shocked. 

I literally stood there with my face twisted in an annoyed frown because I expected to find MY property manager, who has been the target of my affection on and off for well over a year. For those of you who don't know, my ex-property manager and I have a very unique relationship. At one point she was the object of my desire (or maybe obsession is the right word). I once sent this woman chocolate covered strawberries (which she gave to her staff) only to have her turn around and avoid me. I once flaunted my sexuality in her face when I passionately tongued kissed Yellow Bone right in front of her. I gave her the same run around she gave me once I became desirable to her. Long story short, we've been going through this thing since way back. So, when I found out she is no longer MY property manager my heart dropped. 

My ex-property manager was PROMOTED and though I was happy for her I was also very sad to see her go. I spent the rest of that day thinking about her. I thought about her well into the beginning of this week. Finally, I broke down and called the rent office to see if I could get some information about her whereabouts. The assistant leasing manager picked up the phone. 

Assistant Manager: Oh...she left her card with me. She told me to give you her card. I'm glad you called because I almost forgot.

To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I knew there was a reason I fell for this woman! Obviously she was thinking about me as much as I was thinking about her. I went by the rent office and collected the business card. 

I called her yesterday. She didn't pick up so I left a message. She called me back while I was at work so I missed her call. She left a message with her cell phone number. Once I made it home I called her cell phone. 

My ex-property manager: I want to see you.

Me: Okay. 

My ex-property manager: Can you come over to my house?

Me(surprised): Umm...yes. 

She gave me her address. Two hours later I was sitting on her couch cuddled up with her! We talked well into the early morning hours. When it was finally time go home I leaned in for the kill! We kissed passionately and I left. Sometime in the near future I will write a detailed blog about our night together.

On the way home I blasted New Edition's Count Me Out...

When I tell you this song was in my head ALL day today I'm not lying. Every time I thought about my ex-property manager this song played in my head and I began doing a two step! People at work probably thought I was high or something. Well, I guess I was high. High on life and walking on cloud nine for once!
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