Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Woman's Touch & The Emotional Connection

There is nothing more sensual to me than a woman's touch. If I feel an emotional connection to her there is nothing more pleasing to me than feeling her touch. That's why I put so much emphasis on the emotional connection in my relationships. Without the emotional connection my relationships would feel empty as hell. The emotional connection makes sex, love and everything else all the more enjoyable. In my opinion, the emotional connection is the thing that makes same sex relationships tick. If the emotional connection is there then the sensuality of your partner's touch is there too.

Every woman who has meant something to me has had a distinctive touch. Yellow Bone liked stroke the back of my neck, which is my spot! The chick before her loved to crest the side of my face as we kissed and lay beside each other in bed. The chick before her liked to hold/rub my hand and kiss it (she often did this while I was driving). Several women I have dated loved to rub my back, arms and face (for some reason rubbing my face is very popular with women).

I have my own distinctive touch! I love to slide my arms around a woman's waist from behind and kiss the back of her neck or shoulder while rocking her body from side-to-side suggestively. Most women typically fall in line with my rhythm and they begin to sway their hips and body with me while enjoying my lips on their neck or shoulder. 

Depending on the woman and our relationship I'll usually whisper something I know she wants to hear while we're rocking from side-to-side. For example, if I'm trying this move on Yellow Bone I usually whisper, "I love you, baby." Our rocking usually ends in the bedroom.

As far as I'm concerned there is nothing better than looking into a woman's eyes while she touching me and thinking, "Damn, she gets me." Both the touch and the emotional connection run deep.
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