Sunday, March 10, 2013

Look But Don't Touch

I am spending the day with Caramel, but I wanted to write a quick blog before she comes over. Yesterday, I met the most fascinating woman. She and I met through a mutual friend (or maybe associate is the appropriate word because I'm not really close to this person), who sent her my way because I'm halfway serious about starting my own magazine. This friend supports my idea so she's been sending me writers whenever she runs across them. That's how I came in contact with this particular woman.

Anyway, yesterday evening she came over to my apartment and we talked for about three hours (I wasn't keeping track of the time). We talked about a lot of things and I found myself intrigued by this woman. We share some things in common. Apparently we both have a love for books and writing. That turns me on! Normally this would be a good thing right? Not in this case. This particular woman is being chopped down by our mutual friend. I picked up on that early on and I even got her to admit it.

As I sat there listening to her talk about her life and her experiences I kept telling myself, "Look but don't touch. She's getting it in with your friend, which puts her in the off limits category." Still, I can't help but be intrigued by the woman. She seems like an awesome person...the type I LOVE to meet. I'm even jealous of our mutual friend, who I guess is going through the motions with this woman (I'm going by the information I was told). 

Is it ever okay to pursue a girl that's been with a friend? What if the friend is cool with you pursuing the woman (highly unlikely)...would it be okay then?
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