Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Love For The Rabbit!

The picture that you see above is a picture of the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) of all dildos! It is the undisputed KING of all dildos! The Rabbit or Rabbit Dildo, as it is called, will have your girl and/or you in a COMA once you're done screwing!

I have been a fan of The Rabbit since I was 21 years old! This sex toy is a BEAST when used correctly! 

The Rabbit is different from all other dildos. Why? Because the little rabbit you see at the top of the dildo moves up and down. This moment stimulates the clitoris while the head of the dildo is vibrating and spinning inside the vagina. This action is GUARANTEED to make you and/or your girlfriend cum at full blast.

The bunny ears hit the clitoris while the head of the dildo is vibrating and spinning inside the pussy, which makes the pussy wet.

Some Rabbits are just plain dildos while others are strap-ons. I've used both versions of The Rabbit in the bedroom.

For those of you I don't use The Rabbit on myself. I have NEVER used The Rabbit on myself. I NEVER plan to use The Rabbit on myself. The thought of being penetrated by a man, dildo, strap-on or whatever does not arouse all period.

I keep a brand new Rabbit around for the women who make it to my bed. I don't share sex toys (the thought of doing so repulse me). So, if I'm dating a new woman I buy a new Rabbit just for her.  

Whether or not I buy a Rabbit or any sex toy really depends on the woman. I usually ask if this is something she likes before I go out and buy a Rabbit (which by the way is not cheap). Some women like it. Some women don't like it. It all depends on the woman. Just like me, some lesbians have no desire to be penetrated or touched with a dick...whether it is real or fake. 

Two days ago, I went out and bought The Rabbit for Caramel, and yes, I'm still screwing her. Her sole purpose in my life is to keep my bed warm and keep me sexually satisfied. We have great sex! Our sexual relationship is one of the highlights of my week. And will never be more than sexual. I plan to wash my hands of her before her girlfriend comes back from Afghanistan nine months from now!

From time to time Caramel and I tease each other to see which one of us can make the other cum the hardest. So far, she's winning! However, I plan to change the game with my BFF, The Rabbit

This weekend it is on and popping!
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