Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Rant About Atlanta Police Department

Atlanta Police Department (APD) ain't shit! If you live in or around Atlanta you already know it's true. However, for those of you looking in from the outside, Atlanta's police department looks and behaves like MOST police departments in cities heavily controlled and populated by black people. Atlanta Police Department is corrupt as hell. Atlanta Police Department is sorry as hell. Atlanta Police Department is incompetent as hell. And UNFORTUNATELY, Atlanta Police Department is over 70% black (unfortunate, because their mediocre performance is BAD for the race in general). 

Atlanta's chief of police is BLACK. Most of the people in charge are BLACK. Most of the people running city government are BLACK. Most of the citizens of the city are BLACK. Yet, things here are FUCKED UP and backwards as hell. 

I'm a librarian. Most of you should know that by now. When most people think about librarians they think about old, fat, stern-looking white women. They assume librarians sit behind a desk all day and shelve books. Nothing is further from the truth. 

Librarians are teachers, community activist (or community outreach), researchers, curators, archivist, information experts, historians, writers, artist, catalogers, scholars (many of us hold multiple degrees), medical and law professional (again many of us hold multiple degrees) genealogist etc. This is the stuff we get PAID to do. 

Then there is the shit we public librarians are FORCED to do: 
  • Daycare providers (parents either neglect their children while they are on computers or they simply drop them off at the library for hours on end).
  • G.E.D. experts (apparently we're not only responsible for showing people the G.E.D. section of the library, but we're also responsible for spoon feeding them the material).
  • Keepers of the toilet paper in the bathrooms (Niggas will steal anything that's not nailed down. I actually chased down the "toilet paper bandits" who were stealing our hard ass industrial rolls of toilet paper). 
  • Guardians of the library's building. We have to keep motherfuckers from pissing on the side of the library in broad daylight.
  • Re-direct the blind, deaf, homeless and stupid to the bus stop. 
  • Protect abandoned kids in our daycare for neglected kids from homeless, weird and crazy perverts who wander into the library. 
  • Social Workers for full grown adults (believe it or not, adults are just as needy as the kids they drop off, ignore and neglect)
In an ideal world, a major public service like the public library would receive quick and speedy service from law enforcement (another major public service) when needed. Well, apparently that's not least not in Atlanta. 

I once had a patron tell me he was going to kill everyone in the library. This man scared the hell out of me because he was clearly mentally unstable. This crazy nigga was in the library violently kicking a damn pencil around the floor. When someone tells me they're going to kill my ass I take that shit seriously! I called APD. Two hours later they showed up! 

Today, a blind woman came into the library screaming. I walked out of my office to figure out what the hell was going on and there she was screaming, "Somebody help me!" I walked up to her. I didn't immediately know she was blind because she didn't have a dog or a blind cane.

Me: What's wrong ma'am?

Her (still screaming): Somebody help me!

Me: Ma'am what's wrong?

Her (still screaming): Somebody help me!

Me: Ma'am, I'm here to help. What's wrong?

Her (still screaming): Somebody help me!

When I decided to become a librarian I didn't sign on to be a social worker. This type of nonsense is why I'm now looking into becoming an academic or medical librarian. I just can't do it. I don't have the patience to deal with this bullshit.

I went into my office and I called APD. When I was done I hurried back to the blind woman. She was calm and sitting in a chair. Turns out the bus put her off at the library instead of taking her home, which was two miles away. I have no idea why she was on the bus alone or why the bus driver put her off at the library. Anything could have happened to the woman. She could have been hit by a car crossing the road!

It took APD a whole hour and half to make it to the library! Frustrated and angry as hell, I went off on the police officer who finally showed up. His reaction was, "We don't deal with this type of situation."

Me: Are you serious?

Him: Yes.

Me: Well, look here, somebody needs to see this woman home. Dammit, if you can't do it call somebody that can! 

I stood outside with the officer for another hour waiting for him to get permission to take the woman home. 

I fucking hate APD. I hate dealing with them and I hate calling them. They don't give a good gawdamn about the citizens of Atlanta. Someone needs to drop an atomic bomb on Atlanta Police Department.
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