Monday, March 4, 2013

Yellow Bone's Birthday Gift Part Two

Yellow Bone came over to my place late last night. I gave her the diamond earrings I bought for her birthday. Surprised, she happily accepted the earrings. She pulled me into a hug and she tried to kiss me. I turned away. Baffled, Yellow Bone stared at me for a moment. 

Yellow Bone: What's wrong?

Me: Nothing. I just think we should be clear where we stand with each other. We're friends right?

Yellow Bone: Yes.

Me: We'll let's just be friends for now on. No more kissing, cuddling, gifts, late night phones etc. You have your life and I have mine. 

Yellow Bone: Are you angry because I'm seeing someone?

Me (lying): No, that's your business. You have a right to live your life. 

Yellow Bone was about to say something, but she stopped short. After she left, I cried. 
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