Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yellow Bone Is Dating Someone Else

Today is Yellow Bone's birthday. I woke up happy and excited because I'm supposed to give her those nice diamond earrings I bought. The first thing I did upon waking up was call her...

Me: Happy Birthday, pretty woman!

Yellow Bone (clearly still asleep): Thank you!

Me: I have your gift in front of me. What time should I swing by to give it to you?

Yellow Bone: Ummm...I'm probably going to be out most of the day.

Me: Cool. What are you going to do today?

Yellow Bone: Uh...I have a date.

The phone line grows silent.

I feel a sharp stab of jealousy. 

Me (trying to save face): Oh...well I hope you enjoy your day.

Yellow Bone: Thank you. I will catch you later. Maybe we can hang out tomorrow.

Me: Yeah...that would be great.

I know I don't have a right to be upset or jealous (an emotion that makes me uncomfortable) because I moved on before Yellow Bone. Still, I feel some kind of way about her dating someone else. I can't help it. When I think about Yellow Bone I still consider her my MAIN girl. 

My first instinct is to take these damn earrings back to the store and get my money back, but I won't do that. I'm going to try to control my emotions. There is no point in being upset. Yellow Bone has a right to happiness...just like I do.
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