Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yellow Bone's Birthday Gift

Yellow Bone's birthday is Saturday. Even though we are no longer together she still holds a special place in my heart. Therefore, I didn't mind dropping almost a grand on the 1 carat princess cut diamond earrings you see pictured above. Yellow Bone is worth every dime. I can't wait to see the look on her face when I give her the earrings!

Bisexuals & Double Standards

I received a lot of feedback from my last post in which I expressed my opinion on the phrase Sexuality Is Fluid. In this post I will clarify my feelings on bisexuals. Hopefully, this post will answer all of your questions. 

I don't date bisexual. I have NEVER knowingly dated a bisexual. I have been in relationships with two women, who deceived me and lied about their sexual orientation. They led me to believe they were LESBIANS when in fact they were BISEXUAL. 

In general, I don't have a problem with bisexuals. I have an issue with dishonesty and liars. I have an issue with people deceiving me and misrepresenting themselves. If you are bisexual and you are openly bisexual (meaning you don't claim to be a lesbian) I don't have a problem with you. If you're upfront with me about your sexual orientation I still won't date you, BUT I will respect you.

If you are bisexual, but you portray yourself as a LESBIAN, I have a HUGE problem with you! These women are fucking up people's lives and emotions. In my opinion, they aren't any better than downlow black men. Like downlow black men, they misrepresent themselves, and they lie about their sexual orientation. Unlike downlow black men, they aren't held accountable for their actions. Unlike downlow black men, there hasn't been any type of media outrage to shame these women. They fuck people over (men and women alike) and they go on about their lives.

For some strange reason people expect me and other lesbians to be accepting of bisexuals. Because homosexuals are a marginalized group we're supposed to be ACCEPTING of other marginalized groups. If we cannot accept them we are "closed-minded." 

I call bullshit! 

When straight black women REJECT the idea of dating BISEXUAL BLACK MEN nobody calls them "closed-minded." People don't trip because black women cannot wrap their minds around loving men who love other men! In fact, nobody blames black women for not wanting a man that fucks other men! We all think to ourselves, "I wouldn't want them either."

Black lesbians (and homosexuals in general) are not given the same consideration when it comes to dating BISEXUALS. We're told we are CLOSED-MINDED if we aren't down with dating bisexuals. We're told we are closed-minded if we can't wrap our minds around fucking women who fuck men. It is a double standard and frankly it pisses me off!

Nobody questions why heterosexual women are ONLY open to heterosexual men. 

Nobody questions why heterosexual men are ONLY open to heterosexual women. 

When a HOMOSEXUAL is ONLY open to other HOMOSEXUALS, and NOT bisexuals, we are hit with all kinds of allegations. It is NOT fair and it is NOT right. 

I don't accept this idea that I am supposed to be accepting of bisexuals. It is not going to happen. Anyone that doesn't like it can kiss my ass!
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