Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stop Sending Me Bullshit!

I receive a lot of emails from people who read this blog. Most of those emails are GOOD, entertaining and interesting. However, I also receive some aggravating nonsense from people. 

I have nothing but love for people who write me to say how much they love my blog (or something along those lines). If you are one of those people this blog is NOT about you.

If you are a man who is interested in watching lesbians have sex, a producer for a reality television show or someone looking to advertise some bullshit on my blog this post IS for you. 

 Let me make myself clear...

I am not interested in being on anyone's television program, talk show, radio show, reality television show etc. Stop writing me with this trash.  And no...I am NOT interested in advertising your stuff. 

To the people in Great Britain, who keep writing me about a reality TV show: I am NOT interested in being on your program. I live in the United States of America. I am not coming to Great Britain to film a show I have never heard of or watch. Unless you are prepared to show me some $$$$ STOP writing me. 

To the men and perverts who desire to see two women have sex: Stop fucking writing me. I don't give a damn about your perverted fetishes. If you want to watch two women have sex BUY SOME  PORN. 

To the chick who keeps sending me emails about womanism exhibits in California: I live in GEORGIA. I am not interested in supporting something I have NEVER seen. 

To all others: Do not write me unless it is something concerning this blog (ex. your thoughts on this blog, questions about this blog, comments about this blog, personal questions about blog). 

Once again, I am NOT offering advertisement on this blog.
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