Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Class Reunion

Two days ago I received a call from my high school senior class president (how the hell he got my number...I don't know). He called to inform me of our upcoming class reunion. I listened patiently as he went on and on about various events. Then he asked, "Are you planning to attend our class reunion?"

Me: Probably not.

Him: Why not? It will be fun.

Me: Umm...yeah. I wasn't really feeling our classmates when I was forced to see them everyday at school. I doubt that has changed in the span of ten years. Plus, if I wanted a class reunion I would visit Wal-Mart. That's where a lot of them work.

The phone grew silent before he finally cleared his throat and said, "Well, I hope you change your mind."

I come from a small rural town. The last time I visited the Wal-Mart on the side of town where my high school is located I encountered at least 15 members of my class. I wasn't the least bit shocked. We're talking about a group of dumbasses who began popping out kids when we were still in middle school. By the time we graduated from high school some of them had 2-3 kids.

After I walked across the stage and picked up my diploma I left my classmates behind (including my childhood best-friend). I didn't even bother to attend any graduation parties. Nor did I buy a yearbook. So, the last thing on my mind is attending a class reunion surrounded by these folks. No thanks!

Still, the phone call did bring back some memories of high school. I pulled out my memory book and flipped through some of my pictures. That's when I encountered my prom picture! I haven't looked at the picture in years. I smiled to myself as I stared at it. Damn time flies!
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