Friday, January 25, 2013

I Gotta Be Honest: Transgender People Confuse Me!

This is one of those topics I try to avoid. I don't understand transgender people. Political correctness says I'm supposed to understand and accept them. After all, I am gay. However, I don't understand a damn thing about them. 

A big part of me believes transgender people are mentally ill. You have to be mentally off to drastically change your gender, right? 

Another part of me believes they should be accepted just like the rest of us. Whether we agree with their choice or not, transgender people have a right to live. They have a right to happiness. They have a right to pursue happiness. If changing their gender makes them happy, more power to them. 

As a woman that loves women, I have never thought to myself, "Damn, I wish I had a dick!" I have never wanted to change my sex. I like my pussy and I like eating pussy. I like my breast and I like my ass. Nothing about a dick appeals to me. The thought of being with a man repulse me. So, I can't imagine changing my gender to be a man.

One of the stereotypes associated with lesbians is we secretly want to be men. That is complete bullshit! I love being a female and I'm sure it's the same for MOST lesbians (though I admit there are some exceptions). Most of us don't have a desire to be men. 

Most of the transgender folks I have run across in my life have been MEN who want to be WOMEN. I don't know what it is about MEN, but a lot of these motherfuckers DON'T want to be men anymore. They walk around in heels, skinny jeans (or as I call them "Dick Huggers"), makeup, fake eyelashes, bras...all kinds of feminine nonsense. 

In past, I could look at a man dressed like a woman and tell he was a man. They were cross-dressers...not transgendered. That is not the case anymore. Nowadays, I have a hard time recognizing transgendered men because they've had surgery to become women. A few questions come to mind when I come across these people...
  1. If you were born a man and you like women are you now a gay woman? Or do you now like men? Does your sexuality change after you change your gender?
  2. If you were born a man and you had a successful career as a man what happens to your career once you become a woman?
It's probably important to note here that SOME transgender people are NOT gay before they make the change. Quite a few of these people are involved in heterosexual relationships, but they hate being male or female for whatever reason.

I don't understand what makes people want to change their gender. I also don't get why some of these people look better as the opposite sex once they make the change. I've run across quite a few transgendered "women" who look better as women than they did as men. These people also look better than alot of women who were born women! The shit is sad when I think about it.
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