Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Feel Bad: Yellow Bone Walked In On Me Fucking Another Chick

Late last night Yellow Bone walked in on me fucking another chick. Yellow Bone and I aren't together anymore. I know I don't have a reason to feel bad, but I do feel bad. Let me start from the beginning...

Four days ago Yellow Bone called and told me she was going to drop off the key I gave her to my apartment along with the access key to the gate surrounding the property. She said she would come through Tuesday night. She didn't say what time. When Tuesday came around I forgot she was coming.

I have a new friend from California. She's been in my life for the past six months. She is from California and this chick is bad as hell. She is slim. She dresses her ass off. She rocks a Ceasar. She has a very pretty face. Physically she reminds me of caramel version of Amber Rose. That will be her nickname on this blog...Caramel.

I met Caramel on the job. She and I clicked and we've kicking it as FRIENDS ever since. Yellow Bone and I used double date with Caramel and her girlfriend. Her girlfriend is one of those chicks I described in THIS blog (the flat chested middle school age little boy looking type). A month ago said girlfriend, who is in the military, was shipped to Afghanistan. She will be there for a year. 

After Yellow Bone and I broke up Caramel came over to my apartment. We discussed my break up with Yellow Bone. Then she caught me by surprise...

Caramel: If you ever want someone to kick it with I'm here. 

I stared her for a while trying to decide what she meant by "kick it." Then I came right out and asked her...

Me: Do you mean kick it is as in 'Hey let's go check out a movie' or do you mean kick it as in 'You can get it if you want it.'

Caramel: (Smile) Both!

I never planned to get it. However, last night I was horny as fuck. I wanted some pussy. I picked up the phone and called Caramel. She came over and we got down to some grown folks business! 

Yes, I know the chick has a girlfriend who is overseas serving our country. Yes, I feel bad about it. This is the first time I've ever fucked a chick that is unavailable. And yes, I feel like a slut. Yes, I know this shit is mad disrespectful, against my better judgement and against my own principles and morals.

My rationale is as follows: It's two people in their relationship...and I'm not one of them. 

I just wanted to fuck. I'm not looking to start a relationship with this woman. Sex, sex and more sex is all I want from her. When her girlfriend comes back I'm probably going to get my ass kicked if she ever finds out. The military bitch might TKO my ass. I don't have the nerve to smile in her face knowing I was fucking her girl while she was away. However, in my opinion she needs to check her chick...not me. She put it out there and I took it.

Well, anyway Yellow Bone let herself in the front gate and used the key I gave her to get into my apartment. Keep in mind I live in a studio. Once she turned the corner she came face to face with me getting ready to nut! As I recall Uhh Ahh by Boyz II Men was blasting from my ipod (number 5 on my "fuck" playlist), which is why I didn't hear Yellow Bone, who later said she knocked before using the key.

I had Caramel's nipple in my mouth when I looked up and saw Yellow Bone staring at us with her mouth wide open.

Me: Oh shit!!!

Caramel turned around, saw Yellow Bone, and immediately moved to cover herself. 

Yellow Bone didn't say a word. She shook her head, gave me a disgusted look and laid the keys down on the bed. And then she left. 

I've been feeling bad about it all day. When I came home from work I called Yellow Bone. To my surprise she picked up. 

Yellow Bone: I'm not mad at you. I'm just disappointed. I didn't think you were the type to sleep with your friends...especially those who have a girlfriend. 

Me: (Long Sigh) 

Yellow Bone: What you do and who you do it with is none of my business. We're not together you!

Even though she was nonchalant about the whole thing over the phone I know it bothered her to see me screwing another chick. I saw the expression on her face when she walked in on me and Caramel. This shit is probably going to come back to haunt me one day.
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