Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Black Women Black Men & The Television Show "Scandal"

Scandal, the ABC television show, is the latest craze amongst black women. Everybody is talking about Scandal. People are trowing Scandal parties and everything here in Atlanta. I'm not going to lie. I watch and enjoy the show. The show is full of suspense, action and drama. In my opinion it's probably the best show Shonda Rhimes has ever created. It's definitely the best show show on television right now.

The main character on Scandal is Olivia Pope played by actress Kerry Washington. Olivia Pope is smart, educated, slim, single, childless, beautiful and she dresses her ass off. In short, she is the perfect black woman. She is a GOOD representation of what black women in this country CAN be if we put in some effort (meaning avoid becoming a stereotype and a statistic). However, there is one catch...

Olivia is in love with Fitz, the WHITE president of the United States. And this to many (mainly BLACK MEN) makes the character Olivia a no good Jezebel. In their eyes this character is disgusting and not worthy of being on television. In their eyes she is the worse type of black woman: The type that lays down with a white man...the archenemies of the black man. In their eyes any black woman that loves this show, Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes or the relationship between Olivia Pope and Fitz is a white man worshiping whore (real talk those are the comments I've been reading), who wants to be exploited by white men. 

Here are the problems with their logic: 

  1. Fitz is also in love with Olivia Pope. This man burst into tears while viewing photographs of Olivia with other men.  He hates his wife and wishes he could divorce her and be with Olivia. Fitz said in one episode he wants to be impeached so he can be with Olivia. These two are clearly in love with each other. Olivia broke up with Fitz...not the other way around. Fitz was distraught after she broke is heart. Olivia is far from Sally Hemmings as some morons have declared. The FAKE outrage from black men due to the supposed exploitation of black women at the hands of white men is unfounded in this situation.
  2. On just about every major black "reality" television show there is a black man jumping from one woman to the next, playing two women against each other, juggling several babymamas etc. Yet I don't ever hear a hint of criticism from black men about this bullshit. If any criticism is put forth it's usually against the women for being hoodrats, hoochies, hoes and babymamas. Nevermind the reality that the one common denominator here is the BLACK MAN. Where is the motherfucking outrage at this nonsense? Where is the outrage at this exploitation of black women? Where the outrage at the stereotypical behavior of the BLACK MEN at the center of these shows???
  3. Due to number 2 one can conclude that black men feel they should have a monopoly on the exploitation of black women. It's perfectly fine for black men to use, abuse and make black women babymamas instead of wives, but it's not okay for black women to be the FICTIONAL mistresses of white men on SCRIPTED television. This is exploitation at it's finest! Get the fuck out of here!
I'm sick and tired of stupid niggas!  

The MAIN reason black men dislike the show Scandal is because they hate to see a black woman with her shit together in the arms of a white man.

They don't give a shit about the supposed exploitation of black women.

They fear this show might be the show that opens the door to black women being seen as desirable, passionate, beautiful women worthy of love, respect, relationships and marriage.

They fear this show might encourage black women and white men to seek each other for love and romance.

They fear this show might spark interracial friendships amongst black women and non-black men (I believe black women are some of the most isolated people on the face of the planet...socially. This works to black men's benefit. The last thing they want is for black women to go mainstream).

They fear black women with themselves together might come to see that black men aren't their only option.

They fear white men might discover that black men ARE NOT the first, last and only choice for a large number of black women. If given opportunity I personally believe a lot of black women would drop black men and jump ship.

It comes down to sexual competition.

For so long black men have had a monopoly on black women. Now, slowly but surely, things are beginning to change. And yes, the media does play a part in it. The media helps create and change beauty standards. The media promotes certain things and the next thing we know it's the next big thing. Don't believe me? Notice that NBC now has a show called Deception staring another beautiful black woman: Megan Goode. I sincerely doubt this show would have been picked up by NBC if not for Scandal becoming an overnight sensation.

Black women, a certain segment of black women, are coming into vogue and that scares the shit out of black men. Scandal disproves the shit they tell themselves. For a long time a certain segment of the black male population has been spewing the lie that ALL black women are undesirable and unwanted. They contrasted this with their perception of their desirability amongst non-black women. 

Their self-esteem weighed heavily on their belief that they, as black men, can hook up with any race of women on the planet while they deemed black women undesirable and unwanted by all races of men. Now that things are changing and black women and white men are becoming more vocal about their willingness to date each other these bitches are mad as fuck! They are plotting, schemeing and searching for ways to discourage these unions.

They try to speak for non-black men and say "Non-black men aren't interested in black women" while ingoring the reality that every non-black man doesn't have to be interested in black women. If only 1% of non-black men are interested in black women that will take care of the entire black female population in the United States.

They start "talking black" and saying shit like, "We need to work on re-building the black family."

They start trying to shame black women with shit like, "White men raped your ancestors back in the day."

They try to create some false black unity with shit like, "Why would you want to be with a white man after all the shit he does to black men? You need to stand behind black men."

All of ^^^this gas lighting is beginning to fall on deaf ears and I think black men can sense it.  According to statistics black women/white men are the fastest growing interracial union. Studies have shown this is also the longest lasting interracial union.

The chickens are coming home to roost.

Like, I said before, I don't have an issue with interracial unions...at all period. Folks just need to be smart when getting involved with people outside of their race (referring to the transferring of resources). Scandal is a great show. I will continue to watch this show. Fuck anyone that has something to say about it.

I've been a Kerry Washington fan since that smoking hot lesbian scene from the film She Hate Me and I will continue to be a fan. Long live Olivia and Fitz!

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