Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Reunion With Yellow Bone

My reunion with Yellow Bone was unexpected. 

She asked to spend some time with me because in her words, "She was thinking about me." 

I agreed. 

We went to dinner at the Olive Garden, and I rented a movie from Redbox. We went back to her place and we chilled. 

After the movie was over Yellow Bone and I had a heart-to-heart conversation in which we admitted we still love each other. We talked about the future. One thing led to another and we ended up in bed. It was slow. It was soft. It was passionate. 

We agreed to give it another shot.

I'm happy. She is happy.

I'm probably going to marry this woman.

I Want To Be A Puppeteer

I want to be a puppeteer. 

I have always been fascinated with puppets. As a child I loved The Muppets Babies, and even today I still watch Sesame Street. Between Sesame Street, Barney, The Muppets Babies, The Famous Jet Jackson and Lamb Chop I was a very happy kid!

I have always been entertained and amused by puppets. Puppets are the cutest little creations in the world. 

I remember watching an interview between Barbara Walters, Kermit the frog and Ms Piggy. I was so amused by the exchange between Ms. Piggy and Kermit that I went on Youtube to search for more videos about the Muppet Babies

Kernit is quite charming, funny and entertaining...

I have the voice to be a puppeteer. I'm sure the few of you who have heard my voice can confirm that fact. I think I have the personality as well. I also think I have a natural flair for comedy. 

I'm so serious about becoming a puppeteer that I'm thinking of creating my own cast of puppets and financing a show myself! I'm still doing my research, but I'm going to make this happen some time in the near future.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Yellow Bone & I Are Back On!

This is going to be short because I'm tired as hell, and I want to hit my bed...

Yellow Bone and I are back on and popping. 

I'm sure some of you probably guessed we would find our way back to each other at some point. 

Out of all the women, who have come and gone, Yellow Bone is the only one that I constantly think about. 

I love her. 

I will blog about the details of our reunion tomorrow night. 

In the meanwhile, I have to figure out a way to let Chocolate down gently. I really like her. I don't want to hurt her, but Yellow Bone has already put her foot down.

Yellow Bone: Um...yeah...all those other chicks you talk to... that shit stops right now.

Me: Okay.

I agreed because it seems like the right thing to do.

Now I have to figure out a way to break the news to Chocolate. 


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Out Here Winning!!!!

My writing career is looking pretty damn good right about now. 

To my surprise Divas is still selling and my pockets are getting fatter. Divas has done so well that I've decided to publish the sequel I wrote and disregarded eight years ago! 

This whole experience has been eye-opening. 

Fluff sells! Not only does it sell, but it sells like crack! 

(*Side Note: My definition of "fluff" is mindless literature that feeds readers' thirst for drama and entertainment. Think of it as a quick orgasm!) 

Divas has put six figures into my bank account. 

Souls of Men (my more thought-provoking/better written e-book series) has only sold a few hundred copies. 

In my opinion, Souls of Men is a better written story with more complex characters. Unfortunately, I think Souls of Men is only appealing to educated black folks. It takes a certainly level of education to grasp the plot, sub-plots and complexities of the characters in Souls of Men. It is NOT an easy read. 

On flip side, Divas is a quick, drama filled thriller. It is a page turner. I'm not surprised it sold better than Souls of Men (though I would be lying if I said I'm not disappointed). 

I'm tempted to republish Souls of Men under the same pen name as Divas just to see if the people who loved Divas would also love Souls of Men. It would be interesting to find out if their love for the "first time author" of Divas would transfer over to Souls of Men (a book that is the polar opposite of Divas). 

Anyway, I'm no dummy. I'm going to milk this cow dry. So, the sequel to Divas is next. I'll probably write a third book as well.

Not bad for a chick, who 4-5 years ago didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out! 

I'm out here winning!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Black Lesbians Who Don't Believe In Same Sex Marriage

This will be short and to the point...

I have met quite a few black lesbians who don't believe in same sex marriage. These women, for whatever reason, don't want to be married. They don't see any value in marriage. While I'm not certain, I don't believe they value marriage at all.

I have met some black lesbians who don't believe in same sex marriage because they believe marriage is between a man and a woman. These women feel some kind of way about their sexual orientation, and out of guilt they vow never to marry a member of the same sex. They likely grew up in religious households and find it hard to let go of the religious ideologies they were taught. 

What I find odd about these women is they don't think twice about having children out of wedlock (most by sexual intercourse with men), yet the thought of marrying a woman puts them off. If black folks treated their sexual/reproductive organs the way they treat marriage (i.e., with caution and aversion) the black community would be in better shape! 

Think about that...

Where the hell is the bible when all these out of wedlock children are born into the world and neglected? Where are those religious ideologies, when these chicks are busting it wide open for Pookie and 'em...only to claim lesbianism later on when their lives are fucked up?

A woman who doesn't believe in marriage cannot do anything for me. 

I won't even consider dating or wasting my time getting to know her. 

I do believe in marriage. I want to get married. I refuse to have children without first being married. I want to be there everyday of my children's lives. I want to be in the household with my children.

I just don't understand why black women (and black men) are so hellbent against marriage. Marriage is not a cure for all the shit wrong with the black community, but one thing is true: When black people married, and had nuclear families, the black community as a whole was in better shape. 

Marriage is in my future. Any woman who can't get with that program can keep it moving.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Thirst For Knowledge

I miss being a librarian. 

I am looking to get back into my field because I miss being around books and acknowledge. I have a thirst for knowledge that seems to grow deeper as I age. I literary carry around 2-3 books everywhere I go and most of these books are historical in nature (i.e., the history of HBCUs, deceased self-made black millionaires etc).

I'm no Henry Louis Gates, but I do consider myself somewhat of an intellectual. I have a desire to learn all the time. I'm constantly reading books on a variety of subjects, and I'm constantly self-educating myself. I'm a huge fan of African American history and historical fiction. For this reason, along with my thirst for knowledge, I have decided to create another blog. 

My new blog will be a place where I can examine books, history and social issues concerning the black community. It will be a black history blog full of facts about black history. The name of my new blog will be The New Kneegrow.

The New Kneegrow will be a self-hosted wordpress blog on the hosting account I currently have for Mahogany Mystique.

I have tons and tons of African American history books and almanacs. These books are huge. I spent hundreds of dollars on these books (not all at once...over time). I have yet to read through any of these books. I figure I can pull facts from these books and research them for my new blog. That will satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

I need this in my life. I have so many things that flow through my mind about black history, the condition of black Americans, racism, white supremacy, Africa etc. I need a space just for those thoughts. 

Let me know what you think about this idea.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

R.I.P. Brenda!!! You Will Be Missed!

I'm so sad right now.

Brenda, a friend, who I have known for the last ten years, is on her death bed.

I've had some good times with Brenda. She was there to witness me sliding my hand up the thighs of different women sitting on her passenger side. She was there to witness arguments, late night kisses, dates, make ups and break ups. Her radio and speakers helped me seduce women with Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass and Patti LaBelle. She was there when my heart was broken. She was there to witness me crying over women. She was there through college. For the last ten years, she has been a reliable friend.

Unfortunately, good things like Brenda don't last forever.

According to the Ford dealership, Brenda, my 2002 Ford Escort, needs a new gear shift. She can still operate without the new gear shift, but she stays stuck in park unless I stick a screwdriver in a hole down the side of the gear. 

Over the last three years, I have admittedly neglected Brenda. She could use a bath and a vacuum. My dumbass baby brother backed his jeep into Brenda as he was leaving my mother's driveway. He busted the front bumper and the passenger side bumper. He replaced both, but the asshole painted both bumpers a shade of gray that doesn't match Brenda.

Brenda's air condition recently went out. 

Brenda's windshield has a crack that stretches from one side of the windshield to the other. This occurred after a rock came flying off a truck on the freeway and banged up against my windshield. The crack started off small and spread like fire because I didn't have the sense to have it repaired. 

There was a time when Brenda was my most prized possession. In early 2003, my maternal grandmother (not the one I'm always talking about on this father's mother) announced, out of the blue, that she was buying me a car. My first reaction (along with everyone else in the family) was "Yeah right...I'll believe it when I see it!" 

Prior to this point, my maternal grandmother had never done shit for me. So, I didn't have a reason to believe her when she said she would buy me a car. I wasn't close to her. My mother wasn't close to her. For much of my life the woman was a grumpy, weird, self-centered fixture, who didn't appear to give a damn about anyone...least of all her children and grandchildren. As a child, I looked at her the same way a child would look at a stranger: distant and with caution. 

Whenever my brothers and I were around the woman, who we call "Grinny," she either cursed us the hell out or ignored us. The only person I've ever seen "Grinny" respect is my paternal grandmother, which is mind blowing to anyone that knows her. I don't know if it's because the two of them are almost a generation apart (my paternal grandmother was born in 1928....Grinny was born in 1946) or what, but she actually talks to my grandmother with respect.

Anyway, in early 2003 Grinny called me and told me to go to the Ford dealership to test drive the new car she picked out for me. Still skeptical, my dad and I went to test drive the car after school. I liked it immediately. My dad and I cruised around town enjoying the smooth ride and the new car smell.

At that age, I, like most teenagers, would have been happy with ANY car. 

A car meant independence from my dad and grandma. A car meant I would no longer have to take the school bus to school when my dad wouldn't let me have the car. A car meant I could go over to that bitch, who ended up being my first love, house and watch as her tongue and lips met my wet horny vagina! 

Being young, dumb and full of cum, the thought of cutting school and getting laid with a grown ass woman, who realistically should not have been on my 17 year old radar, was enough for me to quickly get behind the idea of someone buying me a brand new car with no strings attached!

I began to welcome the idea.

So, when Grinny called two days later and told me to go pick up my brand new car I was as happy as a kid at a candy store. From that day forward Brenda and I were inseparable (with the exception of my freshman year at Spelman...the school did not allow freshman to have cars)! 

Now, I have to reconcile myself to the reality that Brenda is one step closer to the junk yard.

*Sad face*

She had a long life. She had a good life. I will miss her dearly. 

Today I began searching for a new car. I already have a good idea of what I want. I want a Dodge Challenger! If you don't know what a Dodge Challenger looks like refer to the car T.I. is driving in this video...

Here are some pics of the car in the video...

Sweet as hell!

Smooth as hell!

Bad as hell!

I want it!

I want my challenger to look exactly like the one in the picture. I want my whip to be tricked out and clean. I want my car to turn heads...of the female sex! I want something I can fly in through the streets of Atlanta. I want to be able to pull up to a big booty Lauren London look-alike, and pull her without any resistance. Part of having a fly car is picking up fly chicks!

It's taking everything in me to resist visiting my local Dodge dealership and cutting a check. Even though I can afford it, I know I don't need it.

Cars loose their value quick! The 30k I spend on this car can be spent on a townhouse. However, it is good to dream!

I'll probably buy a used Honda or something. If lighting strikes twice, and I'm able to write another successful book, this car is on the top of my list of things to buy.

R.I.P will be missed...

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Plight Of Black Americans & Economics

I'm back! 

After sulking for a day, and reading all the emails that read something like, "You got some nerve quitting a blog I read...asshole! I got a fucking job. I can't just stop and comment on a forum. Get over yourself, stop being a brat and start blogging again!" I'm back. 

I could never realistically abandon my own blog. I need a place to rant, rage and post my thoughts. This blog fills that need. Now on to my thoughts...

I am currently reading the book, Our Black Year: Our Family's Quest To Buy Black In America's Racially Divided Economy by Maggie Anderson. The book is about an upperclass black family, who vow to shop at black owned businesses for a year. The book chronicles the family's plight as they make this fascinating journey. 

I remember watching an interview with the family on CNN a few years ago. I didn't know much about them, but I thought their idea was a good one. I also knew they would get more hate than love for taking such bold steps to empower themselves, the black community and the inner city. True enough, according to the book, they caught all types of hell. 

Here is a break down of the issues outlined in the book...
  • Black businesses have some serious short-comings, which are tied to lack of money. For example, the author found it damn near impossible to find bagels and pullup pampers for her two toddlers at the black businesses she visited. Note: This is not a problem with businesses owned by non-blacks in the black community (i.e., Asian, Arabs, etc)
  • Black businesses (at least in Chicago) are located in the heart of the ghetto (though I think this is true regardless of the city). This makes sense from a population standpoint, but the author accurately points out, most well-to-do blacks are not going to go out of their way to patron businesses in dangerous areas.
  • Black folks seem to specialize in service occupations related to businesses like barbershops, beauty shops, funeral homes, but rarely do we own businesses that offer products like Apple, AT&T, Comcast etc.
  • White Americans, for all their hatred of black people (and people of color), do not want to see black people supporting each other or living independent of them (this is evident in the hate mail and comments this family received from whites). 
  • Despite the growth of the black middle class, black businesses have decreased, and many of the past (i.e., insurance companies, magazines etc) have either failed or been bought up by whites. 
I read this book with a heavy heart. I felt like crying while reading it. This book almost crushed my dreams of becoming a business owner. It opened my eyes to things I kind of knew, but wasn't too clear about prior to reading this book. It hurts like hell.

Anyone can look around and see the plight of Black Americans is directly tied to money and the lack of money. 

We don't own shit! 

Our money leaves our community quicker than any other race (another fact highlighted in the book). It is partly our doubt about it. We allowed businesses in our community to fail. We allowed "others" to come into our community and take our money while disrespecting us every step of the way. 

The bitter reality is black business won't and typical don't survive without the support of black people. 

Non-blacks don't typically support black businesses. 

I find it funny that this black family received cries of racism from whites, who in all honesty, wouldn't be caught dead in the ghetto shopping at a black business. Whites exercise their own groupthink and racial unity, but feel some kind of way about black people (only black people...they don't complain about Asians and Hispanics supporting their community) having some racial unity. 

Whites in this country support white owned business all day everyday. The same is true for Asians and Hispanics. So, why the hell is there such outrage when black people want to support black businesses? I'll tell you why...

This world doesn't want to see black people have shit! They fear any type of racial unity on the part of black people. Racial unity amongst black people will upset the system! 

The billions of dollars that typically leave black hands, and make their way to non-black hands, will be centralized in the black community if black people ever exercised some racial unity economically. This would result in better schools, better communities, better families, better quality of life and most importantly of will be FREEDOM from whites

And they can't stand the thought of ^^^this happening. 

Booker T. Washington had it right way back people need to be like the Jews.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Fucking Quit This Blog!

As of today I quit this blog! 

I am so hurt and disappointed right now. Why? Let me explain...

I poured my heart, soul, time and money into Mahogany Mystique under some misguided notion of "If you build it, they will come." 

They, in this situation, being all the lesbians of color who voted in THIS POLL and emailed me saying something along the lines of, "I think a forum is a good idea. I will happily participate!" I received quit a few emails from black women, young and old, saying the same thing. 

For two and half days, I slaved over every detail of the forum...and I do mean every detail. 

When I finally got the damn thing up and ready guess what happened? The chick's who said they would participate didn't show up!

I have yet to see a single thread (that wasn't created by me) appear on Mahogany Mystique. This pisses me off because my heart was in the right place.

I wanted to create an environment in which lesbians of color (specifically black lesbians) could chat, mingle, mix and get to know other lesbians of color just like themselves. After the whole ordeal with the web designer, I was so excited by this idea. I was motivated and driven. I said to myself, "I'm going to create the GOAT forum for lesbians of color."

Instead of getting the above, this is what I got...

Lesbians of color: *crickets*

I'm hurt and I'm incredibly disappointed. 

I should have known better. Black folks just don't support each other in this world. That's just the way it is...and I should have known better....lesson learned. So, I'm out!

I won't post another blog on this blog until I see some progress/commentary on Mahogany Mystique

I'm taking my ass to Africa. I'm going to sit on my ass and grow rich writing books.

Y'all be easy! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Register, Sign In & Start Posting!!!

Mahogany Mystique is finally configured in a way that makes me happy. I created some sub-forums, changed the background color, added some forum permissions (ex. You have to register/sign-in to view certain features like blogs and certain threads), and I added some Rss feeds (ex. my blog, Diary of A Black Lesbian, automatically posts in the True Life/Non-fiction thread).

I'm proud of myself! 

I installed Vbulletin on my domain name completely on my own (something I have never done before...prior to this venture I didn't have any experience with vbulletin, domain names or putting together a website from scratch). 

I learned how to work the software completely on my own. I learned how to create forums, modify colors, add features, moderate users, create user groups and add Rss feeds completely on my own. Everything you see on Mahogany Mystique was done by me! 

This just goes to show, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! Fuck a web can do anything you put your mind to, if you're motivated enough!

I would like to add a "like" button on posts, but the company offering that software is having some trouble right now. So, that feature will have to wait. 

Now that Mahogany Mystique is up and running you, the readers of this blog, can start using it and sharing it with your friends. 

Users are the most important competent to any forum. The threads you create will show up in search engines and hopefully social networks. That helps spread the word about the forum. It helps connects other lesbians of color, who are interested in a site like Mahogany Mystique, find the site. It helps grow the community. 

Mahogany Mystique is a new site with very limited content. So, it is not showing up in search engines yet. That can change if more of you sign up for the forum and start posting on the forum.

Registering for Mahogany Mystique is easy...

All you have to do is click "Register" at the top of the forum. Next, you complete the form that comes up, which ask for your username and email address. A verification email is sent to your email. You need to click on the link included in that email. At that point, I have to verify you as a registered user. Once I do my part, you become a member of the forum! You can start posting threads, comments and blogs immediately

You can also register for an account by using your Facebook account. It is an easy two step process. If you're interested in registering with your Facebook account click on the Facebook Connect button at the top of the forum. From there, you will be taken to the next step. Next, I will verify you as a registered user. Once that happens you can begin using the forum.

Some of you have already registered. I think the forum has about 12 members (total includes Facebook registered users, who signed up before I required approval by me before joining). Those of you who have registered for the forum can start posting right now. Start with the Introductions forum, which I created to allow members to introduce themselves to each other.

Registered users can modify their profiles, add events to the forum's calendar, create groups, create blogs, etc.

If you're a registered user, and you would like your personal blog (not those created on Mahogany Mystique) to automatically post on the True Life Non-Fiction forum, send me an email. 

If you are having any technical difficulties email me or post them in the thread labeled Concerns and Feedback.

I'm off today, so any request I get to join the forum will be approved immediately. 

Starting registering and posting!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mahogany Mystique Is Up & Popping!!!!

Today I completed work on Mahogany Mystique (the forum). It took two days to get the board to a point where I was happy with it. Truthfully, it is still a work in progress, but for the most part it is finish. 

I will continue to work on the board on and off. For some reason it looks different on various browsers. I'm researching that problem. I'm also, looking into adding a custom made skin to the blog.

Those of you interested in joining the forum can do so now. 

Some threads on the forum are hidden from unregistered users. So, if you desire access to the entire board you need to register or login via Facebook.

Here is a list of features included with the forum:
  • Users have the ability to create and comment on blogs.
  • Custom smilies (you can also suggest smilies). 
  • Users have the ability to create threads with polls. Users can also comment on threads.
  • Users can send private messages to other users on the forum.
  • Users can connect using facebook. 
  • Users can subscribe to the forum, individual threads or specific sections of the blog.
  • This list can go and on. 
I really hope you will take advantage of this forum. I dropped $249.00 for license to vbulletin (the forum software). If you want to show you're appreciation, you can create an account and start using the forum!

You can also spread the word about Mahogany Mystique to all your gay friends, co-workers, etc. 

Below you will find some important links. Please bookmark and follow...

Facebook: (Forum threads will be syndicated on, this is a good way to keep up with the forum).

Help spread the word!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Pap Smear From Hell & My Decision To Freeze My Eggs

Yesterday, I went to the doctor to have my annual pap smear. I absolutely dread pap smears. This is the one and only time in my life where I cannot avoid my vagina being penetrated, poked and probed. It is also one of the most uncomfortable and frightening experiences ever. 

I'm used to it at this point, but my first time having a pap smear (age 15) still haunts me to this day. It was one of the most painful events of my life (I save this experience for my memoir).

Cervical cancer and fibroid tumors run in my family. My mother had BOTH. She had a hysterectomy about three years ago after the doctor discovered cervical cancer and then several fibroid tumors. So, every time I visit the doctor for a pap smear I'm extremely uneasy. I fear they are going to tell me I have cervical cancer or fibroid tumors. Unlike in the past, I have plenty of reason to worry. Let me explain...

Every since I started taking Nexium for my acid reflux problem I've been spotting off and on between periods (and this only recently stopped within the last two months). When I'm not spotting, I sometimes have the normal cottage cheese like discharge, which from my understanding is not usual in women my age. It can be a yeast infection or a sign of ovulation (from what I read). 

The thing that worries me is sometime after I started taking the Nexium that discharge took on a brownish color. On top of that, my period is very heavy compared to the past. I pee a helluva more than I ever did in the past. I do drink a lot of water. So, this might not be a cause to worry.

For a while I thought I might have an ulcer due to the acid reflux, but then I ruled that out because I'm not in any type of pain. I'm 100% certain I don't have an STD because I do practice safe sex (another post I plan to write in the near future). Despite all the women that come in and out of my life, I'm not getting down like that. I think the issue might be deeper than any of the above. I fear I might have fibroid tumors.

I have a new doctor. She is a petite Nigerian woman. I expressed my concern to her. She took my blood work. She said she needed the blood work to test for things like diabetics (something that doesn't run my family with the exception of my paternal grandmother). 

I laid down for her to perform the pap smear. This woman SHOVED the pap smear speculum up my vagina...

I mean SHOVED that motherfucker up my coochie!

Mind you, I have never taken a dick. I sometimes wear tampoons, but in general, I don't like to be penetrated. This shit probably hurts ten times more for those of us not used to penetration. In fact, the doctor said, "Just imagine it's a penis." I'm sitting there looking like..

This bitch can't be serious...that doesn't make me feel better!
She then said something that scared the hell out of me. She said, "I can't find your cervix. It is tilted."

Me (on the verge of tears): What does that mean???

Her: No need to be concerned. It just means that we're going to have to wiggle around a little. 

And by "wiggle around" she meant, "I'm going shoved this damn speculum up there further to see if I can find that hole."

I didn't have time to ask, "How the hell does a cervix move? That's the part that leads to the uterus. Clearly it's not supposed to move!"

I sat there on the verge of tears while this woman wiggled and moved around in my vagina. She finally said she saw something and proceeded to do this...

Me: You make sure you get all you need because I'm not coming back if this shit is botched (yes, I actually said this to her). 

She giggled, which only added to my annoyance.

When we were finally done she had a speculum covered in blood and I had a hemorrhaging vagina. 

The results of my blood samples should return sometime this week. God, I'm praying everything is alright. 

Fear of having my ability to have kids stolen from me has given me the green light I needed to freeze my eggs.

If I loose my uterus (or anything else) due to tumors (or some other uncontrollable force of nature) I want to make sure I can still have biological children. I cannot take any chances. My mind will be at ease knowing my eggs are sitting on ice somewhere.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Turned 28 & Almost Found Myself In Jail!

Well, your favorite blogger is another year older, and to celebrate I kicked off my birthday by serving up a can of whoop ass! Let me explain...

Most of you know I've been waiting for the web designer I hired to finish my website, Mahogany Mystique. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. I paid this chick a sizable deposit to create my site. It was supposed to be done by now, but this heifer claims she was sick and unable to work. I believed this excuse up until a week ago when it became apparent that this woman was avoiding me (for whatever reason).

Well, after weeks of waiting, I decided to drop by her office to see what the hell was up. I feared that I had been scammed (though this woman owns a registered business). I took my homeboy with me because we were on our way to the strip club to celebrate my birthday.

When I got to this chick's office I saw an able-bodied woman laughing it up with someone on the phone. When she saw me walk through the door the smile immediately faded from her face. She must have sensed what was coming because she hung up the phone and immediately stood up.

Me: I thought you were sick?

Her: I was...and I still am.

Me (angry as hell): Let me see if this ass-whopping will make you feel better!

I jumped on the bitch, which surprised everyone in the room...including myself!

I had my hands around her neck and I was squeezing as hard as I could. I was so angry that my lips were trembling. I don't honestly know what came over me. I'm not the type of person to confront someone with physical violence, but this woman can't ever say she didn't have it coming. I'm convinced she would have walked off with my money if I didn't have the courage to confront her.

Me (through clenched teeth): Give me my fucking money back bitch!

My friend must have been shocked because he didn't immediately move to pull me off the woman. She struggled to fight back, but I was too strong for her. The more she struggled, the harder I squeezed. Finally, my friend snapped out of it, and wrestled me off the woman, who immediately reached for the telephone to phone the police.

Twenty minutes later APD showed up. By the time they got there my friend had convinced the woman to return my money and not press charges for the can of whoop ass I let loose on her. She agreed to pay up (she wrote me a check) and she told the police that the matter was handled peacefully, despite the bright red ring around her neck. At that point my friend and I left.

I don't regret whopping this bitch's ass. I just regret it took me so long to do so! I'm going to report this scamming crook to the Better business Bureau as soon as things cool down.

Now I've hit another road block with Mahogany Mystique.

I'm not giving up on my project. I already have hosting for the project. I was just waiting for this woman to finish the website. I'm not going to let this deter me. I'm moving forward. In the meantime, because I already have the domain name and hosting, I was thinking about putting a forum on the domain. So, Mahogany Mystique's forum will come before Mahogany Mystique the actual website with content.

The forum will be free and open to lesbians of color (though all lesbians can join). I will be creating the forum myself. You will have the ability to blog, create a profile and post topics on the forum. Forum sections will be as follows:
  1. Conversations between lesbians of color (a section devoted to thought-provoking topics).
  2. News, Media & Entertainment (a section for all things in the media).
  3. Love & Relationships (a section devoted to love, relationships, sex, family, marriage and general advice about all of the above etc).
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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Do Right Woman

I'm going to dedicate my 28th year of life to being a better woman. 

I don't think I'm a bad woman now, but I know I have so much more growing to do. I realize I need to work on improving myself before I can even think about devoting myself to a wife and kids. Though that time is almost here, I need to get my mind right so that I can be the emotionally balanced woman that my family needs. 

There are things in my life that haunt me that I haven't spoken about on this blog. Despite what some of you might think, I have my own personal hang-ups and short-comings as well. I am not a perfect woman. In fact, I'm far from perfect. But this year I'm going to work on all of the above. 

Maybe with any luck Ms. Right will walk into my life (if she hasn't already). There have been too many women in my life this year. I only need ONE to make me happy.

On another note, I'm still heartbroken over the blogger I confessed my love for on this blog. She spurned my affections and it had me feeling like...

I's is what I's is....why don't you like me???

Rejection is a hard pill to swallow, but I will be okay. 

I'm going to work on being a better me. I'm going to work on being a do right woman!
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