Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The White Man's Concubine? Umm...No!

Quentin Tarantino & Nicole Galicia W Magazine

My first thought upon seeing this picture was "DAMN! Quentin Tarantino is winning!"

He is dressed like Hugh Hefner. A beautiful black woman is naked and draped all over him. His left hand is resting on her ass and a smug look glows from his face. Quentin Tarantino is not an attractive man, but he is obviously an Alpha male. Attractive women probably flock to him because he is living a fantasy that appeals to them. That fantasy includes glamour, glitz, and money. 

The black woman in the picture is the same woman that played "Sheba" in his film Django Unchained. She is FINE as hell both on and off the screen. In this picture she is wearing a look that screams "Come get me!"

Next thought: Niggas are going to lose their fucking minds when they see this picture!

I can already imagine the contradictory comments I will read on blog sites: 

Fuck Quentin Tarantino! (insert fake indignation) How dare this motherfucker exploit the image of black women! This white nigga ain't got no business taking a picture with a black woman...especially one that damn fine!  
As for the black bitch in the picture, she ain't nothing but a nigger bed wench...the white man's concubine. The hoe ain't even that fine! Black women ain't shit. Y'all bitches would lay up with the white man after everything he's done to the black man and your ancestors. He used to rape your ancestors. Y'all bitches ain't shit. 

The nonsense is almost comical. 

It is annoying as hell when black men jump up and call black women, who get with white men, concubines. Truth be told black men have demoted black women collectively to concubines. Don't believe me? Let's take a look at the definition of the word concubine...
Concubine (noun): A woman with whom a man cohabits without being married: as 
  • One having a recognized social status in a household below that of a wife
  • Mistress
Color me dumb, but doesn't that definition fit the cohabitation we see happening in the black community? So, how dare black men quack their lips to call anyone a concubine! Their false outrage and hypocrisy makes it clear that black women CAN be concubines to BLACK MEN. Black women simply cannot be concubines to WHITE MEN. Next...

In today's world black women willingly have sex with white men. Black women willingly marry and love white men. People need to accept that and stop getting pissed off when they see a black woman with a white man. Today's white men shouldn't be blamed for slavery. They didn't rape black women. Next...

People are claiming the picture above would never happen with a black man and a white woman. It has happened with black men and white women. It's BEEN happening with black men and white women...

Please learn to be consistent folks! I rest my case with this issue. Next...

Quentin and Nicole's picture is NOT an example of the media's exploitation of ALL black women. Exploitation, in my opinion, can only take place when there is a victim involved. Nicole is a WILLING participate in the picture. No one forced her to take the picture. She made a conscious decision to put her naked body on blast. This photo doesn't make her anyone's concubine! Whether or not SHE views her nude shot with Quentin as exploitation is a mystery at this point. However, I do wish people would stop using shit like this to scream exploitation of ALL black women. Nicole Galicia does not represent ALL black women. She represents herself!
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