Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fat Black Chicks

I'm not writing this blog to make anyone feel bad about themselves. This blog is based on my observations and my taste in women. Black women as a collective are FAT. Most are overweight and SOME are obese as hell. Here in Atlanta, those in the black lesbian population, tip the scale as OBESE. To my frustration it is rare that I run across a black lesbian that is slim with curves to match. The few that are slim look like little flat chested middle school boys and the few that have curves also typically have children (yes, these are the chicks who have had their back blown out by some reckless...often times no longer in the picture negro). That leaves an undesirable pool of fat ass women. 

Sigh...I find myself staring at white girls. I try not to do it, but I can't help it. Physically, they keep themselves on point...while they are young. The white chicks here are also coming with booty these days. I run across more physically attractive white lesbians than I do black lesbians. This shit makes me sad. 

How the hell will I find my BLACK wife in a pool full of unattractive fat asses?

I don't want a big woman. I don't want a heavyset woman. I like some breast, ass and thighs but I don't want a woman who is one doughnut away from being fat as hell.

Black women as a group need to do better. I'm far from skinny myself, but I am an active person. I lead an active life. Simply eating healthy and drinking water can keep your weight in check. Walking thirty minutes a day will keep your weight in check.

I don't understand why so many black women simply let themselves go. Part of me believes it's due to economics, but then I think about all the black female professionals I know. Just about all them are overweight. It doesn't matter if a chick is hoodrat from Bankhead or a corporate sister from Buckhead it's the SAME shit.

Another part of me believes it might be due to black men's low socio-economic status. Women who are trying to please men and pull a husband keep themselves on point. The fact that black men are so low on the totem pole might be why so many black women just say "fuck it." Poor men can't be picky in their pool of women. However, men with economic power can demand better quality women.

I don't know what it is, but something needs to change. Seriously!

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