Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black Female Athletes & Sex Appeal Or Lack Thereof

I'm going to keep it 100 with this post. Most well-known black female athletes are unattractive. As a black woman I feel guilty for feeling this way, but as a lesbian who LOVES women (especially black women) I can say it with a straight face. I don't find most well-known black female athletes attractive.

Most black female athletes I have seen look like men with wigs, weaves and braids. They typically come across as masculine. It's not just their physiques that reek of masculinity. No, their body language, features and the way they carry themselves scream masculinity to me.

It's not surprising that a lot of female athletes, regardless of race, are gay. A lot of them look like men. I know it's sexist to say this, but can you honestly say I'm lying???

How many feminine black female athletes do you know? I don't know very many.

How many masculine black female athletes do you know? I know quite a few and almost all of them are either gay or in the closet.

Do you remember when all hell broke loose after LoLo Jones (the biracial chick in the middle of the picture) was attacked by her two teammates, Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, because they didn't appreciate the media hype surrounding LoLo Jones? If you missed that story you can read about it here.

Some people in the black community tried to say Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells were overlooked by the media because they are dark-skinned. They tried to say LoLo Jones was put on a pedestal because she is biracial or "light-skinned." Not surprisingly most people on the internet (judging from the comments I read on various blogs) agreed that Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells were discriminated against because they are dark-skinned. These people seemingly missed all the great dark and brown-skinned female athletes that have been media favorites...
In my opinion Dawn and Kellie were discriminated against by the media. However, they weren't discriminated against based on their skin tone. Instead they were discriminated against because they are the following:
  1. Ugly as hell 
  2. Ratchet as hell 
  3. Unmarketable (somebody should have told these two they wouldn't gain any endorsements by bashing fellow teammates and rocking purple hair...this shit screams ghetto). 
LoLo Jones isn't any of the above. She has a clean polished imagine. She isn't walking around with PURPLE HAIR. To my knowledge she hasn't thrown shade at anyone...let alone a fellow teammate (though I do believe she issued a response to Dawn and Kellie). She is a good-looking woman with a spotless reputation. Most of all LoLo Jones has a good team behind her, who did a good job putting her name in the media.

The most ACCLAIMED black female athletes have been either dark or brown-skinned. Therefore, claims of colorism don't hold weight...not in regards to sports.

In an ideal world Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells would get the same shine as LoLo Jones. However, we live in a world where beauty is not created equally and apparently neither is class (referring to their unnecessary attack on LoLo). Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells are not attractive women. Unfortunately, most black female athletes I have seen look something like Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells.

There are SOME exceptions to the rule...

Dominique Dawes: The definition of FINE
I LOVE me some Dominique Dawes. This woman gets better with age. I still remember watching her do her thing in gymnastics when I was a kid. I used to fantasize about her doing splits butt-naked!

Sanya Richards-Ross: Sexy As Hell!

I watched Sanya Richards-Ross win her gold medal at the 2012 summer olympics and I've been in love with her ever since. She has a great smile and an awesome body! The woman just screams sexy!

Last but not least....

Florence Griffith-Joyner: The G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time)
Florence Griffith-Joyner was (R.I.P) the BEST black female athlete ever! She had it all. She had looks, style, grace...and she was the fastest woman to ever hit a track (a record she still holds).

Flo Jo, as she was nicknamed, was the woman that put black female athletes on the map in terms of endorsements and being seen as sex symbols. She was known for her nails and one-legged tracksuits...

This woman OOZED sex appeal. Just looking at her thigh muscle gives me chills. I swear if more black female athletes looked like Flo Jo I would actually watch more sports! If you have any doubts this was the baddest chick in the game check out this video...

I cried when Flo Jo died. I'm starting to tear up just writing this post. Fuck what the haters say! May Florence Griffith Joyner rest in peace. 

Anyway, that's my rant for today. Don't hate me for being honest. 
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