Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Pretty Hoochie With The Good Coochie!

I have a confession to make. From age 18-26 I was checking for the pretty hoochie with the good coochie! Those early rants I made on this blog about not being happy with black women and not being able to find a black woman of quality were true...but only half the truth. 

The other half of the truth is I was almost solely checking for women based on their physical appearance. I was looking solely at the chicks with nice faces, perky breast and phat asses and getting pissed off because 1). They aren't gay. 2). They are gay or bisexual and MOST have been ran through by men and women alike 3). Because they have kids. 4). Because they are confused as hell or in the closet and 5). Because truthfully they didn't want me for a variety of reasons (and these reasons range from not being a "stud" to not being a party girl). 

Yes, I'm guilty of judging a book by its cover. For eight years I was constantly picking up an encyclopedia based on it's pretty cover and features when I should have picked up a dictionary to look up the word SUPERFICIAL. 

And yes, I'm guilty of wanting to fuck, fuck, fuck the hell out of these women! I'm a human being. I own up to my superficial past. I'm not perfect. The physically is still very important to me, but it is no longer the sole reason why I desire a woman.

And no, I'm still not satisfied with the crop of black lesbians I run across. Whether they are hoochies or regular chicks, I do believe there is a lack of non-stereotypical, educated, physically attractive BLACK LESBIANS (key words).

We sometimes go after what we want instead of what we need. I wanted the pretty hoochie with the good coochie for eight long years. And no, I didn't ignore the pretty bookworm with the ivy league education (referring to Yellow Bone), she simply wasn't available to me at that point in my life. Pretty black lesbian bookworms are a RARE commodity. I would have gladly jumped on this chick too. However, the hoochie with the good coochie is a dime a dozen here in Atlanta. Convincing them to put out is not hard. So, naturally...that's who I found myself pursuing all too often.
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