Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ten Interesting Facts About Me

I know it's been a minute since my last blog, but I have been sick. I had a stomach virus straight from hell! I'm okay now (thank God), but my stomach was tore up this week. So, I apologize for not making time to blog.

My blog has become a small community of women of various races. I receive quite a few emails that read "I want to know more about you" or "I would love to get to know you." I believe most of these messages are coming from people who are truly curious about me, my life and my attitude towards life while others are coming from women who are interested in dating me (or in some cases fucking me...just being honest). 

In the past I have written about my family on this blog. I've written about my life, which I don't find as interesting as many of you. Still people want to know more about me. Okay...I came up with a list of interesting things about myself. However, I also want to know more about you. Please post ten interesting things about yourself in the comment section. If you don't want to post on my blog send me an email containing the information (

Ten interesting facts about myself....

1). I was born with 12 fingers. Yes, your favorite blogger was born with a genetic disorder (thank you daddy!). It is called polydactyly. When I came bursting out of my mama's coochie I had an extra pinky finger on each hand. However, these fingers didn't have bones (thank God). The doctor tied a string around my extra joints and they fell off. Today I have 10 fingers with two tiny nots on the side of my pinky fingers.  One day, when I have children, I expect to be greeted with 12 fingers on their little hands!

2). My first time having sex was a quickie I didn't want. She was begging for it. I said no. She kept begging for it and I eventually said fuck it! She got a mouth full of me!

3). In high school I was student body president, junior class president and president of several clubs. I was on principle honor roll. I played saxophone. In short, I was a popular and pretty geek. 

4). I'm a fan of 80's rock. Phil Collins and Journey are two of my favorite artist.

5). I sometimes rock in the bed at night. It is something I've done since I was a baby. According to my mother I used to rock myself to sleep in my crib. As a child I had asthma. The only thing that used to stop me from coughing and weezing was rocking side to side in the bed. Now, as an adult, I do it out of habit. It helps me sleep at night. 

6). I over think things. I don't know if this is a benefit of higher education or what, but I anaylze and break things down all the time even when it is not necessary. Sometimes the answer is staring me in the face, but I dig deeper anyway.

7). I'm very emotional and I battle depression. Things that shouldn't bother me have the ability to make me angry (ex. the plight of black Americans). In short, I care too damn much.

8). I've been driving the same car since I was 17 years old and I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off!

9). My jet black hair is beginning to gray. I strongly suspect I will be completely gray by the time I'm 35. 

10). People tell me I have a great voice. Apparently my thick southern accent is a hit with black women who are not originally from the south. I used to be self-conscious about my accent, but now I use it to sweet talk the panties off women (well one woman, Yellow Bone). 

11). ***Bonus fact*** I have a natural flair for comedy. People tell me I'm funny. Maybe one day I will get up the nerve to step inside a comedy club. 

***I will be on skype all weekend. If you want to chat hit me on skype. My username is lez.intellect.
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