Saturday, December 1, 2012


At what point does the urge to fuck other women cease? That's the question I keep asking myself.

I'm with Yellow Bone and I'm truly happy with her. We are closer than close. We are closer now than we've ever been. However, the urge to fuck other women is still strong! 

There is a girl at work that openly flirts with me. As crazy as it sounds she is from Detroit just like Yellow Bone. The chick is stacked! She has a pretty face, some nice breast, a phat ass and a nice personality. She keeps inviting me out and I keep turning her down while thinking to myself, "If only I were single. It would be on and popping!" 

I know it's bad, but I actually find myself fantasizing about screwing this chick. I'm around her five days a week. It's hard not to think about sex around her. 

Then there is my property manager. I'm renewing my lease. When I went into the rent office this morning to pay my rent I told her I planned to renew my lease. 

Property Manager: (smiling) Good...I would hate to see you go. 

Me: (thinking to myself) I bet!

I'm not a player and I'm not a whore....but damn if I'm not tempted to be all of the above. I

'm a human being with a great sex drive. However, I keep asking myself when does the desire to screw other women cease? When do we cease being tempted to screw other people?

The current soundtrack of my life...

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