Sunday, November 25, 2012

This Brought Tears To My Eyes...

Two weeks ago I came upon a documentary about Benji Wilson on ESPN. Prior to watching the documentary I had never heard of Benji Wilson. This documentary and his story brought tears to my eyes. His story tore at my heart. The only other black biographies that have cut as deep are Whitney Houston, Florence Ballard and Dorothy Dandridge. If I could, I would bring all of the above back from the dead.

I'm not a sports fanatic. I'm not sure how I ended up watching ESPN the night I caught this documentary, but I'm glad I did.

Benji Wilson was a star high school basketball player in Chicago. During the early 1980's he was considered the best high school basketball player in the country. By all accounts he was going to do big things in the NBA. Unfortunately that dream was never full-filled because Benji's life was cut short by some misguided punk.

According to the documentary, Benji was walking his girlfriend, Jetun Rush, to the bus stop. The two of them were in the middle of a heated argument because she wouldn't let Benji see his son. They had a two month old son together and Jetun was supposedly keeping the child away from Benji. While walking her to the bus stop Benji bumped into the misguided punk and all hell broke loose. Long story short, egos flared and the misguided punk shot Benji. What followed was gross negligence thanks to Chicago's fucked up emergency response policy.

Benji died of his wounds.

I know Jetun Rush must be hunted by his death. If she was keeping Benji away from his son she has to live with the following:
  1. When her son had a father she kept them apart. 
  2. Benji died arguing with her about seeing his son and due to his tragic death he will never see or hold his son again.
  3. Her last conversation with Benji was an argument. Granted she was a teenage girl at the time, but I'm sick of hearing stories about black mothers using their children as tools against the father(s) of their children. If you have a black man that is TRYING to be a father to his child LET HIM! Don't use the children as a weapon in your civil war with the father.
As for the misguided punk...I hope that motherfucker burns in hell. I'm sick and tired of black thugs and hoodrats. Their reign of terror over the black community has come at a serious price. Fortunately I'm not the only one feeling this way....


The civil war between law abiding black people and uncivilized savage niggas is on and least in Detroit. 

Black people in Detroit are finally standing up and saying ENOUGH! Good for them! Maybe Atlanta, Philly, Oakland, Newark and all other crime ridden black meccas will follow suit. Black people not living in Detroit need to donate money and services to their cause. I'm more than willing to donate funds that will go towards purchasing grenade launchers, AK-47s, pistols, uzis etc...if it means ridding the black community of the ghetto masses. 

If you read the comments under the above Detroit 300 video there are black people who actually DISAGREE with the approach of these brave men. There are people saying, "We shouldn't declare war on our self-hating black youth," "When are we going to fight the white man and corporate America? We shouldn't be fighting each other" and my personal favorite, "These brothers ain't nothing but Uncle Toms. They are working with law enforcement and turning our black youth over to the white man. They are traders to the race!"

What fucking world are some of these people living in? 

I must have missed where Bill Gates and Donald Trump are out raping old black women and killing little black children. I must have missed where our beloved black youth are innocent of tearing down whole communities and turning them into war zones. White men aren't doing that shit! Instead it's young fucked up black men doing it. It's about time someone did something about it. 

These bastards don't give a damn about other black people so why the hell should law abiding citizens give a crap about them?

Anyone tired of all this senseless violence needs to stand up and support the folks doing something about it.
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