Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Woman...What A Woman!

The lease on my apartment is almost up and I'm trying to decide whether or not I will renew it. As much as I love my studio apartment and as much as I love living alone I think I want a roommate. The benefits of having a roommate cannot be ignored. A roommate will allow me to keep more money in my pocket because we will split rent and utilities. I won't have to worry about being alone in the place when Yellow Bone is not around to keep me company (yes, I worry about my personal safety even though I live in a fairly quiet community...I mean this is Atlanta). So, I'm seriously considering giving up my studio and seeking a larger apartment with a roommate. 

Naturally when I thought about getting a roommate Yellow Bone came to mind. When I moved into my studio I said my next roommate would be my permanent life partner. I have never lived with a girlfriend before, but I've always been open to the idea.  I approached Yellow Bone with the idea...

Me: Baby, how do you feel about getting a place together?

Yellow Bone: mean living together?

Me: Yes.

Yellow Bone: Hell no! If I give you the milk for free you would have absolutely no reason to purchase the cow!

Me: (Shocked because I honestly expected her to jump for joy at the suggestion): No? Seriously, you won't even consider the idea?

Yellow Bone: Yeah, I'll consider the idea....when you put a ring on my finger and we're married!

All I could do is shake my head. The more I learn about Yellow Bone the more I love her. Nothing but respect for a woman who knows her worth and demands better. I have something woman...what a woman!

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