Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Old-Fashioned Love Story

It's 4:27 in the morning and I can't sleep. So, I decided to get up and blog about something eating at me.

I wish there were more black lesbian love stories in print. I really wish I could walk into Barnes & Nobles or go on Amazon and purchase a well-written, quality love story about two black lesbians. When I say "love story" I don't mean SEX, SEX and MORE SEX. Instead I mean a well-thought out girl meets girl story. Here is an example:

Jada, a teenage girl, is popular at her high school. Renee is the new girl at school. The first interaction between these two is less than pleasant. In fact, they take a strong disliking to each other. However, over time they both find themselves drawn to the other. They first become best-friends...then lovers. Their parents find out about the relationship and tear them apart. Jada is shipped away to boarding school. Jada and Renee lose touch. Decades later when Jada is a famous writer and Renee a well-known community activist in Atlanta, the two of them cross paths again and the sparks fly...

WHERE ARE THE STORIES LIKE THIS FOR BLACK LESBIANS???? As far as I know they don't exist. What does exist is books that fetish black lesbians and emphasize SEX! And to top it all off these books are being written by BLACK LESBIANS!

I guess I should stop bitching and take a more proactive approach. Maybe I should write the story I want to read...or a series of stories. Yellow Bone has challenged me to do so. I'm seriously thinking about it...maybe that's why I can't sleep.
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