Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The University of Mississippi's First Black Homecoming Queen...What The Fuck???

The University of Mississippi crowned its first black homecoming queen...that's her in the pictures. I took one look at this woman and did a double take when I saw the words "Homecoming Queen" and "Old Miss" in the same sentence. 

What the hell is going on in the world when you have extra large Precious looking chicks being elected homecoming queen? 

What the hell is going on in the world when you have extra large Precious looking chicks being elected homecoming queen at a school that has a legacy of racism, discrimination and prejudice??? 

Is this shit some kind of joke???? 

I honestly think white people at the University of Mississippi did this crap on purpose. 

Nothing against the young woman elected, but let's be honest, this is the way white people like to imagine black women. Her image makes them comfortable. She is sloppy fat, mammy looking, and asexual. When placed up against a white woman she looks inferior, asexual and non-threatening.  Historically this is the way white people have portrayed black women in the media. So the fact that white people at the University of Mississippi elected this woman as the first black homecoming queen is not surprising. 

James Meredith integrated the University of Mississippi 50 years ago this month. I believe the selection of this woman as homecoming queen is a way of patronizing black people. It's their way of saying, "Ha Ha Ha...look Negroes we have come a long way. We elected our first black homecoming queen! Are you satisfied about how far we have come???"

Meanwhile, progressive black people like myself are looking at this sloppy unattractive black woman and wondering why the hell couldn't they find a more physically attractive representation of black women? Granted, Mississippi is full of chucky fat ass collard green eating country black people, but I refuse to believe this state and school couldn't find at least ONE physically attractive black woman!

Those of us aware of the bullshit see it for what it is and call it out. Others cheer for this woman and consider her selection as homecoming queen an accomplishment and victory for black women all over the world. These people are CLUELESS about the social implications of crowning this woman, who fits perfectly into the historical image of black women as portrayed by the media (Mammy, fat, asexual), homecoming queen at the University of Mississippi.

Here is the reality: Black women better start thinking more consciously about our image. 

Supporting women that look like this woman does NOT benefit black women collectively. We are already a margnalized group. We continue to margalize ourselves when we support this type of bullshit. Think about it! 

We are the only group of people on the face of the planet that cheers when the "least of these" is being upheld as the standard! 

And for some strange reason the black women cheering for this woman and those who look like her (Monique, obese black women everywhere) don't seem to realize they are the ONLY individuals (male or female) cheering for fat, unattractive black women. Black men aren't cheering for them. White people aren't cheering for them. Asian people aren't cheering for them! The only people cheering for unattractive obese black women are OTHER BLACK WOMEN!

Fat sloppy chicks should NOT be the standard of beauty for black women. I don't care if fat black women don't want to hear it. Yes, I'm know I should say the politically correct thing here (i.e., beauty comes in all shapes and sizes). However, that is BULLSHIT. Nobody wants to say it, but obese people are last on most people's list.

Where do you see a fat white woman being held as the standard of beauty for white women? Where do you see fat white women being elected homecoming queen? Can you imagine a fat white woman being elected homecoming queen at Howard University???

The joke is on black women. We need to do better!

For those of you wondering....this was her competition....

Like I said, what the fuck???

Call me old fashioned but I still expect black homecoming queens to look something like this....

Hello Miss Jamie Rachelle Robbins, Miss University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff!

Fine, sexy, in-shape, and beautiful!

And before anyone comes at me with the "You don't think old Miss's homecoming queen is suitable because she's dark-skinned argument..." please remember I actually favor dark-skinned black women over all others. This isn't an issue of skin tone. This is an issue of ATTRACTIVENESS and adequate representation. I have seen PLENTY of beautiful dark-skinned black women to know they DO exist. This woman isn't one of those people!
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