Monday, October 8, 2012

The Invisible Black Lesbian

This is probably going to be one of the most depressing blogs I have ever written but I'm going to speak my mind. I don't give a fuck who is offended by it. 

The bullshit passing as entertainment for black lesbians (or lesbians of color) is TRASH. The black lesbians I run across in Atlanta look awful. Not only do they look awful, but often they are poorly educated and not well spoken. More often than not I find that I'm not attracted to 99% of the black lesbians I run across in Atlanta. 

In terms of entertainment, every single black lesbian web series or film I have ever watched has made me almost embarrassed to be black and lesbian. The characters are usually stereotypical and poorly written. The plot is usually stereotypical and predictable. The writing is usually God awful. The lighting and production is usually horrible. 

For the life of me I don't understand why black lesbian entertainment ALWAYS has to feature the stud/fem dynamic in almost every relationship. I'm not trying to be cruel, but this dynamic is not appealing to me as lesbian because I feel like I'm watching a man/woman relationship. There is always a need to define gender roles with one lesbian being dominate and the other submissive instead of the two women simply co-existing as an equal partnership/unit. It feels like I'm watching a heterosexual couple. And often, for whatever reason, the stud/fem dynamic almost always comes across as abusive and unhealthy to me. 

I'm not trying to discriminate but I'm not turned on by studs at all. I'm not entertained by them. I'm very likely to fast forward scenes featuring studs because I would far rather see two feminine women together. This dynamic appeals to me more because I feel like I'm watching TWO LESBIAN WOMEN. 

I have come to the conclusion that good looking, in-shape, childless, non-stereotypical black feminine lesbians are damn near INVISIBLE in the black community. The Raven Symones of our community are damn near INVISIBLE. 

I hate that! 

I hate that the face of black lesbians seems to be the most masculine and sexually unattractive of the bunch. It's so bad now that when people think of a black lesbian they don't naturally think of a feminine black woman. They usually think of a rough looking stud like Snoop from the Wire. When people find out a pretty feminine black woman is a lesbian their first reaction is usually, "Ah..what the fuck? How did that happen???"

I want to see more Raven Symones and LESS Snoops from the Wire. I want to see some chicks who actually LOOK good! In terms of black lesbian entertainment, I want to see some well written, positive, attractive, educated images of black lesbians. I don't want to see stereotypical ebonic speaking studs THAT ARE REMINISCENT OF ALL THE SHIT BLACK WOMEN HATE ABOUT BLACK MEN. 

The thought has dawned on me that I should write and produce the type of entertainment I want. That's easier said than done because I think my brand of entertainment would only appeal to a subset of black lesbians: The educated class. 

Sigh...rant over.

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