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Diary Of A Black Lesbian Uncensored Volume One

Diary of A Black Lesbian Uncensored Volume One E-Book Cover
My E-Book Cover

As promised Diary Of A Black Lesbian Uncensored Volume One is now available on Amazon Kindle. It is also available for download on this blog. Both the Amazon version and the downloadable version are $2.99.

For those of you who don't have a kindle you can download it to your computer by clicking the "Buy Now" button in the right sidebar. The button leads to a Paypal page so your transactions are secure. I don't see any of your contact information. The whole process is managed through Paypal and e-junkie. Once your payment is processed you will be emailed a download link from e-junkie. If you have any issues ordering the e-book using paypal/e-junkie drop me an email. 

From what I understand, Amazon has also made it possible for people with smartphones and ipads to download books through their Amazon app. So if you're interested in getting the e-book through your smartphone, ipad or tablet computer you should look for the Amazon app and do a search for the e-book title. 

If you have any questions drop me an email.

My Ideal Black Woman

If I were given the opportunity to create my ideal black woman she would be something like this....

She would be Phylicia Rashad "back in the day" FINE!!!! We all know Mrs. Clair Huxtuable was a badass back in the day. She still looks good today, but old school Phylicia Rashad still has the ability to make my heart skip a beat. 


She would have a MIND as sharp and intelligent as Ms. Fredi Washington. I love and admire this woman with a burning passion. Though she looked like a white woman, Fredi Washington was a proud BLACK woman. 

I would have loved to meet her but she died when I was just a little girl. This woman is hands down the most intelligent black woman I have ever encountered. There hasn't been much written about her life, but Fredi was an outspoken Civil Rights Activist long before there was such thing as a Civil Rights Movement. 

I first came in contact with Fredi Washington while reading the book Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams: The Story of Black Hollywood By Donald Bogle. 

Ms. Washington must have known future generations of African Americans like myself might want to know more about her because she had her papers archived and placed on microfilm. I spent an entire day reading about this fasinating woman at Emory University here in Atlanta. I've been in love with Fredi Washington ever since. 

I wrote half of her wikipedia page. When I tell you this woman's mind was SHARP I mean it was SHARP. A quote from Fredi Washington: 

"You see I'm a mighty proud gal and I can't for the life of me, find any valid reason why anyone should lie about their origin or anything else for that matter. Frankly, I do not ascribe to the stupid theory of white supremacy and to try to hide the fact that I am a Negro for economic or any other reasons, if I do I would be agreeing to be a Negro makes me inferior and that I have swallowed whole hog all of the propaganda dished out by our fascist-minded white citizens.

I am an American citizen and by God, we all have inalienable rights and wherever those rights are tampered with, there is nothing left to do but fight...and I fight. How many people do you think there are in this country who do not have mixed blood, there's very few if any, what makes us who we are, are our culture and experience. No matter how white I look, on the inside I feel black. There are many whites who are mixed blood, but still go by white, why such a big deal if I go as Negro, because people can't believe that I am proud to be a Negro and not white. To prove I don't buy white superiority I chose to be a Negro." - EARL CONRAD, "Pass Or Not To Pass?", The Chicago Defender (1921-1967). Chicago, Ill.: Jun 16, 1945

These two women put together would be my ideal black woman!

Homophobia Against Studs Part Two

This is part TWO to this blog right HERE

I know I'm really late with this post but I've been busy. I get side-tracked easily. As usual I'm going to keep it 100% honest on this blog. People have a right to be what they want. Whether feminine or masculine people have a right to express themselves without motherfuckers catching feelings about it. Studs should be able to dress as they please without people hating on them. In a perfect world studs (and everyone else) would be able to live their lives without prejudice.

I also believe people have a right to their personal preferences. For example, I like FEMININE women. I am not attracted to black women (or any race of women for that matter) that look, act and sound like black men. And let's be honest...99% of black studs out here ARE taking their cues from BLACK MEN and hip hop culture....two fucked up examples to follow. 

There is nothing sexy about that shit. There is nothing that turns me off more than MASCULINE woman. I just can't get wet for a black woman that reminds me of a black man. I like lipstick lesbians. I like big booties, breast and thighs. The typical black stud out here doesn't fit my idea of femininity.

I believe studs should be treated with the same respect as everyone else in our society. People may not understand their lifestyles or the cross dressing but they still deserve respect. 

In some regards I feel sorry for studs. They are discriminated against more often than their feminine counterparts. They also catch hell both inside and outside the black community. I imagine it must be really hard for many of them to find adequate employment opportunities too. 

In some ways I admire them for being so bold with their sexuality. In other ways I pity them. The world has a problem accepting assertive black women period. This is doubled over for black women who aren't afraid to step outside of conventional wisdom.
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