Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coming Soon: Diary Of A Black Lesbian Uncensored

Long before I started this blog/diary I kept several traditional paper journals. In fact, I maintained a paper journal even after I started this blog. I literally have boxes of journals in my closet. Recently I began reading through some of those journals. I'll be one point...before I became the mature grown woman I am today I was a damn fool! My college years at Spelman College (nicknamed "booty land" in my journal because of all the fine black women at the school) and later graduate school were some of the best years of my life. And fortunately I kept almost a daily journal of my life between ages 18-25 (I kept it going because my creative writing teacher encouraged me to do so). 

After giving it some thought I have decided to publish these journals on the Amazon Kindle as an e-book. This will be my first time getting my feet wet in the e-book world. This will be a test drive to see how this thing works because at some point I plan to debut Cherry Hills. 

I'm going to publish my journals in several volumes because there are so many entries. I think each volume will have 20 entries. Each volume will be $2.99. I know everyone doesn't have a Kindle so I will use a service like e-junkie to offer the e-book to those who are interested in downloading it to their computer and paying the $2.99 via paypal. 

For those of you curious about my journal entries I will say this: They are completely uncensored! 

Imagine this blog but probably ten times worse because my journals at that point were written by a very young adult (18-25) trying to navigate the world completely on her own. Remember I'm from a rural small town in Georgia. When I moved to Atlanta (a much bigger city, which at first was a culture shock) I was green as hell. I didn't know right from left. Living on campus at Spelman was the first time I had ever lived in the ghetto and back then the projects was right next to the school!

If I was screwing a woman I wrote about. If I was staring at a chick's booty in class I wrote about it. If I had a fantasy about one of my professors at Spelman I wrote about it. The only thing I am planning to change about the journals are the names of people mentioned. Everything else is 100% fact! There several things I've written in my journals that I have never mentioned on this blog. For example...
  1. At 17/18 years old my first love, a woman years older than me, who I hate with a burning passion even today, was actually a married woman. I was ditching school early (partly due to my school schedule) to screw this woman at her house. Keep in mind I was still in high school. I didn't find out this lady was married until the day I broke up with her...and that had me all fucked up going into my freshman year of college. This might shed some light on why I can't stand bisexuals. 
  2. My freshman and sophomore years of college were my whore/womanizing years. I dated a lot of women during this period of time. What happened on those dates and my hilarious description of the women will have you rolling.
  3. I was so depressed at one point (a period after number one on this list) that I thought about killing myself.
Remarkably I wrote vividly, boldly and honestly about all of the above and a whole lot more. Anyway, I plan to publish the first volume either Saturday or Sunday on the Kindle. I will post a blog and links to the first volume on kindle/e-junkie after I publish it.
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